Chelsea Handler calls for special airport security checks for Muslims – Usual Suspects Act all Outraged

Handler made the controversial remark on the Saturday night episode of her Netflix show ‘Chelsea Does.’

“This is not a popular thing to say, but if Muslims are primarily the people that are blowing up planes, then I would like the TSA to be searching Muslims before I get on a plane,” she said.

Handler’s comments aroused furious reactions on social media with one person saying that “Chelsea Does Racism” would be a better name for the show.


Dear Idiots,

Islam is not a race, it is a cult, a violent supremacist cult.

That is all.

h/t MP

  • The truth makes “progressives” squirm.

    • We should initiate checks against them;)

      • Xavier


  • Martin B

    Every Mohammedan should be given a colonoscopy before being allowed anywhere near an airplane.

    • Xavier

      With a ham.

    • Physics grad

      Every Mohammedan should be given a free burial in a mass grave after a machine gun assisted suicide.

      • Xavier

        Just feed ’em to the pigs.

  • k1962

    You nailed it Chelsea. Why the rest of us should go through the security charade is anyone’s guess…political correctness maybe?

    • Physics grad

      don’t worry, all those airline security officers are muslims too

      its like hiring foxes to guard the chicken coop, a total scam

      • FactsWillOut

        Worse:It’s like putting a sign out front of the hen-house saying “Foxes and Wolves Welcome!” and then brining as many in as you can get away with.

        • Maggat

          A slight redo for ya, ‘and then brine as many as you can.’