These are dangerous days for Western civilisation

“There is a choice to be made. One way is to close our frontiers to those who are unwilling to respect or share our cultural values which spring from our Christian-Judaic inheritance. The other is to admit as many migrants as the people smugglers deliver to our frontiers in the hope that they will adopt our culture and values, knowing that if they did not, we would have to adopt theirs, or risk sinking into a struggle between irreconcilably divided communities”


PM Useful Idiot wants to turn Canada into a 3rd world state. He is dangerous because he is stupid.

  • occupant 9

    The elite don’t have to interact with Islam on a day-to-day basis like the rest of do. Their interactions are on the highest level of diplomatic taqiyya, where the softening of our resolve, of the defense of our culture is easily destroyed.

    Under the indoctrination of multiculti PC, we are purposefully incapable of seeing real threats without also finding some way to wrestle responsibility from the threat’s own rationale and project it upon ourselves; Trudeau is a Master Believer beyond how clueless he is otherwise.

    Worst of all, the root of the defense of multiculti PC is an emotional rage that quickly leads to violence. This is because the B-side of this awful song is Social Justice, another “hit” to the soul of a nation.

  • reidjr

    I live in Ottawa suburb (Bells Corners) and were well on the way to becoming 3rd world in many ways from very few whites to lack of fresh food at grocery stores why immigrants are hoarding them for some reason.

  • Gary

    In just 1 generation for Canada from the 1970’s we have seen Toronto become an American City with Ghettos and hand gun murders .
    The Politicians thought that Canada made people productive and Law abiding citizens. They still live in these false reality and now deny that Canadians built Canada and made it what it was .

    Today , they go from Community to Community to tell Somali’s tha THEY built Canada , then to Mexican’s that THEY build Canada , next it’s Korea’s and jamaican’s and so on and so on and yet the History books are void of these groups in the real World.
    Justin assumes that 50,000 pro-sharia homophobic muslims
    are going to come here and suddenly ignore that quran and 1400 years of islams barbarism to become like us.
    Many of these muslim refugees are already bitching about the FREE food while these ones are in a nice Hotel while we have citizens sleeping on the street as homeless people .
    With 7,000,000,000 people outside of Canada , how many does Justin think we must take in to show how compassionate we are and how Rich Canada is.

    • reidjr

      The area of Ottawa i live in it use to be safe to go for a walk at night thats not the case now if its not the muslims its the teens.