One in five inmates in UK maximum security prisons is Muslim

One in five inmates serving sentences in Britain’s maximum security jails are Muslim, figures show.

cultural suicideThere are currently 5,885 highly dangerous criminals behind bars in the eight Category A prisons in the UK, of which 1,229 follow the Islamic faith.

The figure equates to 20 per cent of high-security prisoners and, according to figures obtained by The Sun, is an increase of 23 per cent from five years ago.

The percentage rise has been far greater than the Muslim population increase in the UK, which is currently at five per cent.

  • Achmed

    21% of inmates are Muslim but only 6% of the population in the UK is proves the rabid Islamophobia of the police.

    The 15% of the total or 876 Muslims must be released if the government wants to prove it isn’t racist!

    • Damn right!

    • john700

      Or they should raid some churches and arrest the old ladies left there.

    • Xavier

      The US has the same problem with too many incarcerated blacks.
      Obama’s fixing it now.

  • Ron MacDonald

    That number would be considerably lower had the UK retained the death penalty.

  • Xavier

    Racial Religious Violent totalitarian ideology prison quotas now!

    No quotas, no peace!

  • Dana Garcia

    Allah’s boyz have one aptitude – evil in its many forms.

  • The Butterfly

    I’m so glad immigration doesn’t cost us anything.

  • P_F

    21%, that’s after many mohammedans are let go by the courts or are never charged by the police because of the fear of being called ‘racist’.

  • There would be many more Muslims in jails and in max security ones – if the judges were not so lenient.

  • Spatchcocked

    Those stats percentages are consistent thru out Europe…..check Italy’s for an eye opener…

    But then you see these stats are old old news. One more piece of evidence our elites chose to ignore.

  • luna

    Fifth columnists will ask why the legal system is so biased against Muslims.

  • luna

    I’d be curious how many have converted in prison.

    • Gary

      I have said in the past that one day it will be better to put Gold Domes on the prisons because there will be more muslims there than in the actual mosques .

  • Spatchcocked

    Another old old stat….in Europe .
    4 percent muzzie population eats up over 40 percent social service budget……
    I mean really….how wilfully ignorant can you be before you deserve being executed as a traitor ….

    • Gary

      The other Stat I saw was that 70% of the muslims in Europe are on Welfare and unproductive or some social supports like Prisons that cost money to house them .

      Canada will be no different and we can expect that muslims will cry racism for their short comings as we saw for the Carribean yutes that gave us the Yonge Street riot and looting .
      If you riot and loot it is not a good way to tell employers that you would be good employee if given a chance because you’re really a hard working nice person .

  • Gary

    Islamic org’s in Canada use the CBC to spew lies about how muslims have the lowest rates for the Prison populations .
    But it was CAIR that boasted about how Correction Canada had to hire a Imam full time because of the growing muslims population in federal prisons.

    Do they thinks that us infidels are that stupid to not see through their lies to claim that muslims have the lowest crimes rates and Prison populations but they then boast that CC had to hire a full-time Imam for the Federal prison because of the growth in the muslim population in prison.