OMG! It’s Worse Than Nazi Germany!

Illegal alien invaders given free food and housing complain they are forced to wear coloured wristbands to collect meals

Asylum seekers who are being handed free food and housing claim they are being ‘stigmatised’ by brightly coloured wristbands they need to wear to collect meals.

Refugees in Cardiff claim they are being forced to wear the bands that identify them as refugees or else they are refused food, making them ‘an easy target for abuse and harassment’.

Those behind the scheme say it is the only way to ensure asylum seekers receive food or a weekly allowance in the form of supermarket vouchers.

Illegal alien invaders Cardiff

These are the people in your neighborhood…

  • tom_billesley

    Without the wrist bands, that crowd lounging about outside the migrant welfare centre would be mistaken for Welsh folk.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      They should do away with feeding them too.
      It would eliminate all sorts of problems.

      • Blacksmith

        DING DING DING, we have a winner.

    • moraywatson

      So feed them pork. Watch how quickly they will then want you to identify them as muslims. But no wristbands for supremacists.

    • Clausewitz

      Send them to Canada’s Wonderland then and watch their heads explode if they want to get on any of the rides.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Can I get a trademark on the phrase “worse than Hitler”?

  • blehblehbleh

    I have a better idea, strap a big, heavy red door to all their backs.

  • Gary

    Canada is now starting to see the whiners among the Syrian muslim refugees.
    Gotta love those Liberals that keep changing the Narrative for these Syrians.

    Goodale first told us that they needed our compassion since the majority had PTSD from the horrors of War , then they were Doctor’s and Engineers that would contribute to Canada and be taxpayer in a few years that would pay back more than they costed to as a Refugee.
    Suddenly they were LGBT refugees that would get a priority as a high risk victim from the quranic homophobia to kill them for allah. The original number of 50,000 refugees became 60,000 by 2018 , now we hear how 90% of them have NO skills in French or English while the ones now hear have illness and series dental issues costing us huge amounts as emergency care at Hospitals and Home visits that our Seniors and Vets don’t receive.
    Now Liberals can see that their Election promise is exposed for the big LIE we all knew at that time when January 1st came and the 25,000 weren’t in Canada as promised by the Boy King with nice hair .
    In Ontario we are now being told that about 1000 refugees are living in Hotels until housing can be found , which means that Justin’s other promise for it only costing about $100,000,000.00 is a big LIE as refugees are costing close to $200.00 a day right now with only about 10,000 muslims in Canada which was the Harper Refugees that Justin tried to take the Credit for .

    How many times were we told by the NDP that the Muslim cab drivers in Toronto were Doctor’s and Engineers that suffered racism from not getting Jobs in canada and must drive cabs to pay for their house and family of 5.

    With about 40,000 more to come , we have a Health Care crisis and homeless crisis that John Tory loves to talk about when it suits him…….but now he acts as if the crisis was solved and the $4,000,000,000.00 Debt for Toronto is gone.
    In fact , Tory is hollow of any ideas that he is now distracting the Public with his pipe dream for hosting the 2025 World’s Fair which someone had paid for the Report that we would have 40,000,000 visitors bringing $million to Toronto….one day , maybe , if all goes right .

    • Goodale is illiterate. First of all the symptoms of PTSD often don’t manifest until years after the traumatic event. At least with people exposed to war such as soldiers in combat. The U.S. V.A. has been studying the phenomenon for years, and statistically the average time for PTSD to manifest is SIX (6) years after the event. These refugees have just got here and experiences are recent.

      To assume PTSD ahead of time is ridiculous, and to assume that every refugee is automatically going to have it is equally ridiculous. PTSD is usually related to an extreme traumatic event that you have personally experienced (not simply being a witness to war or being present during a war — people in war zones actually get accustomed to those conditions). With soldiers it’s associated with extreme guilt — for example if you lost a brother in combat and you feel that you didn’t do enough to save him, or you could have made a different decision in a combat situation that might have resulted in his survival.

      Of course there’s much more to it than that and I’m not pretending to give medical advice — it’s my personal unprofessional opinion combined with what I’ve studied. My point is that Goodale is an illiterate imbecile and he shouldn’t be planting ideas in peoples’ heads about PTSD. It’s an issue for medical professionals not for the Liberals to publicly exploit for their political agenda.

    • blehblehbleh

      I read there’s a major flu outbreak among them in Edmonton as well.

      Can’t wait to find out how many are harboring viruses that haven’t been seen here in decades.

      • Clinton

        Denmark is reporting cases of diphtheria among its
        refugee population. Until now, a case of diphtheria
        hadn’t been seen in Denmark since the 1980’s.

  • Cat-astrophe

    You can bet your bottom dollar that wherever muslims live, whatever circumstance that can be publically exploited and financed, there will be a top notch muslim lawyer, financed by a bottomless pit of our and foreign money to win their case using stupid “sunny ways” laws our more regressive western regimes have put in place.
    I have seen the enemy, and it is us.

  • moraywatson

    Why can’t they stand around doing nothing back where they came from?

    • Kathy Prendergast

      Because they get better paid for it in the UK.

      • moraywatson

        Looks like the UK is getting poor value for its money.

  • vimy

    Ink and Chip them all

    • Kathy Prendergast

      And neuter them while you’re at it.

  • roccolore

    People used to be grateful of their adopted countries. Now they only come for the welfare benefits.

  • Kathy Prendergast

    I agree the wristbands are inhumane; they should have “LEECH” tattooed on their foreheads instead.

  • Kathy Prendergast

    As a woman I’m sure it would be loads of fun to walk past that group.

  • RonG

    Like the wristband I wore at an all-inclusive resort in Cuba?