ISIS thug takes just 30 minutes to propose to undercover reporter as she researches jihadis online

An ISIS thug took just 30 minutes to propose to an undercover reporter who was researching jihadis online.

The reporter created a profile of a 25-year-old woman called ‘Zahra’ and then joined social media groups affiliated with ISIS before quickly being contacted by several men, who soon made their intentions clear.

One such man, going by the name ‘Mario’, asked her to marry him after talking for just half an hour without knowing what she looked like or any other information about her.

  • Belial Issimo

    No doubt he is a skilled and caring lover.

  • truthdareisay

    Because he knows he will make her his slave, he really does not need to know anything about her.

  • Brian Jones

    And this is why every gal needs a batch of suitable photos from People of Walmart on hand for jihadi-repelling purposes. Like this one, for example:

    Guaranteed to be always a bridesmaid and never a bride. (Just crop out the logo and pretend your friend snapped the pic yesterday.)

    • Brian Jones
      • luna

        That’s why Allah invented the burka.

      • ntt1

        is that putin on the left?

        • Brian Jones

          Y’know, now that I do a double take, I think you might be right. Either that or Vlad has a long-lost twin Igor that no one likes to talk about.

    • ntt1

      not at all sure that’s female.not that there is anything wrong with that of course . It is highly probable that the jihadi would take “it” up to the roof for some empirical studies on gravity.

      • Brian Jones

        And that’s why when you’re “researching” jihadis online, you give them Angela Merkel’s address and not your own.

  • BillyHW

    She probably said yes.