Germany bans children’s WWII refugee costumes as they may offend illegal alien invaders

CHILDREN’S Second World War refugee costumes have been pulled off the shelves in Germany – in case they OFFEND migrants.

amazon-refugee costumes

  • Martin B

    Is there ANYTHING they won’t do to avoid offending this pack of rapists?

    • john700

      The cathedrals are empty in Europe, waiting for the bulldozers.

      • Alain

        No, they are waiting to be converted into mosques.

  • Soon Germans will need these refugee costumes for themselves, as they desperately try to escape from the Muslim takeover of their country. Where will they run to? Where in the whole world is there a brave government who forbids Muslims from immigrating and slowing taking over?

    • Physics grad

      These German socialists can stay in Germany and face the music. I don’t want them here, they will only bring the same fate on us.

  • Ed

    So the German state declares the sale of specific clothing illegal… Because its trying to atone for the sins of its dark past, when a dictator had the power to ban the sale of things not approved???

  • Xavier
  • Physics grad

    How about Germany ban Christianity and Judaism, as these might offend their rapefugees too.

    What a bunch of treasonous scumbags. The public should rise up in revolt, overthrow their government, and hang them.

  • Dana Garcia

    So are rapefugees cruising online Halloween catalogs for costumes? And these are kid outfits — which makes the potential for “offense” even less likely.

    The whole thing is off-the-charts silly. Somebody has too much time on their hands.

    • Clausewitz

      Not a day goes by recently without at least one “Oh, fuck off” moment.