Dreary, droning, unlistenable commie folk-singer Woody Guthrie once called Donald Trump’s dad a racist SHOCKA!

No it doesn't.

No it doesn’t.

How bad would a Woody Guthrie song have to be if it didn’t even get released?  By the way, I bet you’ve never heard of this. You probably have heard of the late “Conscience of the Senate”. (A lower deep in my profound cynicism about the left and the universities was opened when, immediately after Sheets’ death, I read about some extremely radical left-wing black female university prof at West Virginia lecturing her students about why Byrd was an okay guy. Kickbacks, that’s why. “Look at all the free stuff he’s given us.”  I’ve always known that a lot of people were stupid and destructive, but my natural inclination is to attribute at least nebulously good motives to them. This level of meretricious venality came as something of a shock to me. I mean, if I were a black radical I’d take a pass on making excusing for the Klan.)

And why do these guys always sound like they’re writing lyrics for retarded children?

Anyway, according to CNN we should all be very concerned about whether Trump can “answer” for his father’s “racial history”.