UK: Teacher’s Union Colluding With Muslims To Undermine Anti-Terror Policy

NUT leaders ‘colluding to undermine anti-terror policies’ – Leaked emails show union heads’ links with Islamic extremist groups

Leaders and activists of Britain’s biggest teachers’ union are colluding with Islamic extremists to undermine policies aimed at preventing terror attacks.
Private emails leaked to the Telegraph show that Rob Ferguson, a senior National Union of Teachers (NUT) activist in heavily-Muslim Newham, east London, is working with Mend, an extremist front group, and Cage, the notorious organisation which backed the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) killer known as “Jihadi John”.

  • Alain

    Of course that is what the Left does, since they share the same agenda as the Islamists.

  • Hard Little Machine

    In a year or 3 you will have to be Muslim to teach anyone in any class in the UK. You DO realize that, yes?

  • Gary

    CUPE , Liberals and the the TDSB sold out Canada and are on the side of the islamists.
    Not only do a group of Jew-hating pro-sharia homophobic muslim get their Mosque in a Public school each Friday but the TDSB has Che Guevara included on their Calender as a hero , the same Ernesto Guevara that signed-off for the executions of 4000 peolpe rounded up after taking over Cuba.
    The same Ernesto that praised White’s as inventive and productive to create great societies while Che then said that Blacks were lazy Nigg**s and burdens on society.

    Out tax dollars fund these morons along with them giving $millions of dollars a year to Communist Cuba via their vacations along with Public sector Union members and Liberal/NDP MP’s that go there too .

    All cultures are equal , all religions are equal .
    That is only in the Mind of a Liberal progressive.