Turkey: Christian Refugees Live in Fear

“The relation between Islam and the rest of the world is marked by asymmetry. Muslims may and do enjoy all kinds of freedoms and privileges in the lands of the Kuffar [infidels]; however non-Muslims are not granted the same rights and privileges when they live in countries governed by Muslim governments… In our globalized world, this state of affairs should not continue.”

Jacob Thomas.

  • Maggat

    Hey, shiny pony, if you are listening. These are the “REFUGEES” we should be bringing to Canada. But I guess you being a muslim you really don’t care about them.

    • Justin Trudeau is an empty suit, absolutely bereft of intelligence.

    • Gary

      Justin will go down in the History books as Canada’s Pro-Rape PM that brought in thousands of quranimals and RapeFugees .

  • moraywatson

    If you are granting muslims privileges in d’ar al harb, you are a dhimmi. If you are expecting privileges from muslims in d’ar al islam, you are an idiot.