The Madness of Frau Merkel

If we’ve learned anything in the last eight years it’s that supposedly smart people can be suicidally stupid, and that idiot savants can easily rationalize sabotaging their own nations.

Obama isn’t the only elite messiah who favors national suicide for past sins, though he is certainly the blindest, most self-righteous and willfully destructive one in American history.

  • Xavier

    A surprisingly good article, albeit a bit long. I would like an informed person to delve into what form the war will take; we know approximately where and why, although it will be obscured under some false outrage like the assassination of a duke.

  • ontario john

    Oh my God! just read in the Toronto Sun that the Syrian refugees in Canada have serious dental problems. Is there no end to their suffering? And what about that mosque in Peterborough. And what about Cecil the lion?

    • Life is a horror!

    • Alain

      There are also plenty of real Canadians with serious dental problems, and they do not get free dental care. Trudeau was reversed Harper’s stop to all the extra free health and dental care for refugees to put them on the same level as Canadians.

      • Cat-astrophe

        Yea, when we all know they deserve far, far more.
        I will gladly eat dog food when I retire, just so these poor folks get what they deserve out of our broken country.

    • mauser 98

      The little Syrian boy drowned because his father wanted to get a full set of teeth implants for free in Europe

    • DVult

      I need a new winter jacket maybe Dumbeau will give me one if I pretend to be a Syrian rapefugee.

  • simus1

    When you consider what idiots like Merkel can get up to, perhaps the most important thing all of our electorates should demand of our leaders and their most sensitive flunkies is an autonomous agency tasked with weekly urine and other needed tests to ensure they are still sane and remain rec pharma free. If they are still bizarre kooks with no rational explanations for same that could provide a basis for their dismissal, we are totally screwed.

  • Hard Little Machine

    In exchange for lavish benefits, Europeans gave up civics and polity a long time ago. What will happen in terms of a material response to this is almost nothing, Ordinary Europeans will look at this as they do ‘global warming’ – it’s just one of those adjustments people have to make to keep the social welfare system afloat. All we’re watching is a prostrate populace accommodating itself to a new water level of acceptable atrocities.

    • Xavier

      Except for a small percentage on the right, who will be crushed.

  • Xavier

    What really scares me is that this is only what Merkel and Obama think they can get away with, not the full implementation of what they really believe. I wish we could give them both truth serum and broadcast the interrogations on worldwide television.

    • Shebel

      Justin has also bought in to this hoax.
      Is Agenda 21 just a conspiracy theory?
      Why would anyone want to destroy their own Country,Cultures and Religions ?
      There has to be some Reason besides – WE LOVE EVERYBODY!

      These luvvyy dovvy mutherfuckers are going to make all past Wars look like kids playing in a sandbox.

      • Xavier

        The economic theory says Merkel is bringing in cheap labor because Germany’s birth rate isn’t producing young workers.

        I think that’s her justification, but not her ideology.

        • Alain

          There is no cheap labour when they don’t work.

  • mauser 98

    Merkel gives €3 billion ($3.4 billion) to Turkey for more refugees

  • Excellent article, really fantastic.