The Fake Facebook News Driving Iraq’s Wars

BAGHDAD — After Saudi Arabia’s recent execution of a leading Shiite Muslim cleric, Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, there was widespread outrage in Shiite Muslim communities across the Middle East, and especially in Iraq.

Protests were organized in Baghdad fed by social media. One video was shared that allegedly showed the last seconds of Nimr’s life and his execution. Another widely shared video showed Nimr’s body being dropped out of a helicopter after the execution. Some Iraqis even said he was thrown out of that helicopter while still alive.

  • Ed

    “The best way to confront this kind of news is to better train Iraqi journalists,” suggests Hashim Hassan al-Tamimi, dean of the College of Mass Communication at the University of Baghdad. “Iraqis urgently want news about security and about politics. The real media should be able to provide them with this information, instead of allowing rumors on social media to incite hatred.”

    Another thing to suggest is that Iraqi journalists stop emulating western liberal media.

  • Hard Little Machine

    We need to infect everyone here wanting to go there with the plague and let nature take its course.