Most hated Muslim in Sweden is being deported to…… Denmark

A Tunisian man, who has been branded ‘the most hated man in Sweden’ after video showed him attacking a woman in front of her two young children and then spitting on her at a metro station in Stockholm, is being deported to Denmark, reports.

h/t Marvin via PG

  • Shebel

    To Denmark—- this makes total sense.

    • Europe is screwed.

      • Shebel

        Just wait until Justin comes Home.
        Europe is going to actually look intelligent.

        • Deborahoking3

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    • Ed

      Uncontrolled immigration is a Jew plot to show the West what icky neighbors A -rabs make…

      • Shebel

        hahaha—-I knew damned well that the Jews were behind this nonsense.

  • k1962

    Kick him back to Tunisia. Who needs this type of sh*t in the West?

    • Chatillon

      Exactly. Kick him continuously all the way to Tunisia, preferably through every Muslim enclave along the route. Let the kicking be a sign to others of his ilk.

  • BillyHW

    We’re doomed.

  • blehblehbleh

    People like this could easliy be disappeared, people would just assume he left or went underground.

  • Brett_McS

    Out of the Frying Pan, into …. the Jacuzzi.

    • Maurice Miner

      As long as they don’t do anything lewd, I suppose that is OK multi-culturalism.

  • bob e

    ain’t this scumbag just fookin’ filthy .. this hurts me ..
    if she had an umbrella & stuck it in his ass she would have been taken
    to Politzei HQ & arrested for a hate crime ..

  • Shebel

    How many more Muslims are we supposed to bring in this year ?—

  • disqus_EhU3YQ88hy

    I remember a kid in my high school slapping his girlfriend. After school that day, half a dozen seniors were waiting for him and gave him a thorough “tune up”.
    What few real men are left in Sweden should do the same.
    The only thing that works, and that has ever worked, for animals like this is an immediate and violent public reaction – and that lesson gets learned by everyone else watching.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Most hated by who? Not the government,

  • QiPo

    I tend to dislike neighbors who dump their trash in my yard.

  • Chatillon

    I don’t want to sound like a hard ass, which I most certainly am not. But it does seem to me that Swedish men might be looking for incidents like this and be just itching to intervene aggressively in defense of the innocent.

    The sight of that scumbag striking that woman in front of her two small children, then spitting at her makes my heart burn with outrage. And to think that the woman was attacked because she was protecting an older woman from theft makes me blush with shame for Swedish men. Are these the descendants of the Vikings?

  • Solo712

    Another candidate for Danish exile: