ISIS Advises Kids How to Tell Parents They’re Running Off to Jihad

A British jihadist well-known for writing missives about rude Arabs and bossy Chechens in the Islamic State warns would-be jihadis that it’s “catastrophic” to let on one’s intentions too early out of love for one’s parents.

Omar Hussain, a 27-year-old former grocery store security guard from southern England, goes by Abu Sa’eed Al-Britani since running off to join ISIS. He frequently writes PR, including an appeal for doctors to come to the Islamic State, and also answers Q&A.

  • luna

    Western governments should be informing citizens how to detect and prevent loved ones from radicalization. Unfortunately that would require admitting radicalization has something to do with the ideology of the “peaceful religion” of Islam, and apparently that’s beyond the pale.

    • DMB

      Think of Islam like a virus that seeks out to attack and destroy the immune system of another entity it has not yet infected. Religions such as Christianity and Judaism act like antibodies that protect the immune system from foreign bacteria and viruses such as Islam. Atheism is like a living entity with no functioning immune system. When you take away the cultural traditions and religious values that religions i.e. Christianity and Judaism had established upon a nation it becomes vulnerable to foreign and even dangerous belief systems like Islam. Atheism doesn’t replace the established cultural traditions and religious values with another one it just leaves a society or nation void of one. That is why it is now becoming more difficult as time goes on to establish what is right, wrong and what is good and evil just plenty of relativism.

  • Shebel

    You wanna know something?

    I don’t care , if you fucking kids want to go back, and die, to establish an Islamic Caliphate. Good riddance.
    What we should be doing is deporting your whole fucking Clan , Tribe or Family along with them.
    You assholes should be cut off welfare FOREVER .