Donald Trump, Sam Francis And The Emergence Of The Alternative (“Dissident”) Right

Conservatism Inc.’s mouthpieces (“conservative intellectuals”—Rich Lowry?!!!) have made a last-ditch effort in National Review to frame the battle against Trump as a conflict between unprincipled “populism” and principled “conservatism” [Donald Trump or Ted Cruz? Republicans Argue Over Who Is Greater Threat, by Jonathan Martin, New York Times, January 21, 2016]. You won’t hear this from us often, but Salon has a pretty good demolition job. The bottom line: the late Samuel T. Francis has been redeemed.

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This is a very interesting read, worth your time.

  • andycanuck

    The National Review anti-Trump issue also didn’t make an editorial endorsement so when the NR open-borders elitists endorse RINO Rubio, don’t be surprised.

    • I won’t be, it appears the NRO is as out of touch as the GOP itself. Pity as a lot of god writing comes out of there, However it is the stuff of wonks.

      • Trump isn’t perfect. So what? All the others are the same.

        No one but Trump has said anything close to reality about Islam.

        Islam is the biggest issue facing humanity.

        A growing percentage of the general population is aware of this. And they see all the other politicians avoid the issue like the plague.

        Every terror attack will add additional voters for Trump.

        And rightly so.

        • luna

          Trump is most likely going to bomb ISIS, then cut deals with Saudi Arabia & Iran.

        • Trump can’t be a total narcissist — in the last debate he admitted that if Cruz was elected POTUS, then he would be willing to play second fiddle as VP. Although I could never see him in the role of VP — they’d have to make him “Secretary of War” or something so he could still have a bit of swagger.

          Btw, I did read the entire linked article and the one on Sam Francis — too much to digest for my puny Canuck mind. Nevertheless I get a sense of excitement — this isn’t just another “Hollywood” Yank election. I really get a sense that something historical is happening, and that’s good for change.

          • Maurice Miner

            Yes, this is really the beginning of an epoch where the leftist stupid-thought is being questioned. I personally have been waiting for this for years.

    • luna

      I think Rubio is CAIRs least hated republican candidate.

      BTW, CAIR should lose tax exempt status for endorsing/opposing candidate for public office, not just on the above link. Ben Carson is the only candidate I’m aware of calling for IRS to review CAIRs tax exempt status.

  • Minicapt

    Lots of very pretty tap-dancing on the head of a pin.


    • Maurice Miner

      J.M., you can clearly see all of the angles!

  • Clink9

    Trump has bowels rumbling throughout the nation.
    As if anyone could possibly be worse for the country than Obama.

    • Brett_McS

      Trump himself may be Right’s version of Obama: one gets the impression he has about the same regard for and knowledge of the Constitution, and would willingly use executive power and more, as per Obama.

      The problem then is that such a Presidency could destroy the genuine conservative brand, leading to a European like political system which has two (or more) sets of Statist parties and nothing resembling the conservative wing of the Republican party.

      • Clink9

        The conservative brand is dead. Washington needs another revolution.
        When Trump is inevitable, it’s best to lay back and enjoy it.

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          And think of England.

        • Brett_McS

          In which case the Revolution would be more of the French type than the American type.

        • The conservative brand is dead. The RINOs killed it.

          It is time for a republican makeover.

          Go Trump go.

  • Brett_McS

    The Dissident Right folks, at least the sane ones such as The Derb, Peter Brimelow (hmm another Brit) etc, are surely not fooling themselves that Trump himself is a fellow traveller? Trump will dump them in a New York minute if it suits him.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      Actually, Trump has a history of being quite loyal to his friends.

  • truepeers

    Thanks, i found this explanation of the Trump phenomenon powerful:

    • Brett_McS

      The obvious response to that post is: OK, but what on Earth makes you think that Trump will actually do what he is currently, now, in the primary season, saying? Mr Mercurial will not be tied down; he’s his own man, baby!

      • truepeers

        I have no idea if Trump would fulfill his promises and I don’t see how your question is an obvious response to the blog i linked, with due respect. Archdruid, the blog, argues that Trump has cleverly identified a constituency, the dieing core of the American nation, that is being pummelled by a salary earning class heavily invested in globalization and destructive “political correctness”, i.e. in infiltrating and destroying institutions in the name of their supposed victims. This is a form of social suicide and the oppressed American wage earners now see this clearly and have become a self-conscious constituency which means, Archdruid argues, that even if Trump fails in any way, politics is not going back to the old game, the Republican establishment is toast, and the newly self-conscious nationalist constituency will birth new leaders in future, some of them quite possibly more horrific in the eyes of the establisment than is Trump.

        I’m not an American; for me it’s not a question of voting for Trump, or not, but a question of why (if) he signals a fundamental shift in American politics.

        • Brett_McS

          I agree that he has identified an unrepresented constituency; that has been obvious from the very start of his campaign. My concern – backed up by a wealth of clues, mind you, which have changed my attitude from one of support to rejection – is that he appears to be a true demagogue: He says what it takes to get elected, then that’s the end of that.

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            Yet, no one else even had the courage to say the things Trump has said about Illegals.
            The closest was Cruz and even HE was not all that close until team Trump dragged him kicking and screaming.
            The rest are known frauds in immigration, especially Fiorina, Rubio, Christie, and Bush.
            That really does not leave you with much.

          • Brett_McS

            I definitely agree that The Donald has been of great service to the political process; especially his knobling of the media class. That has been great. No matter what he deserves our gratitude for that.

          • truepeers

            You’re right to think Trump is not the most trustworthy person, but if he is the only one calling for a stop to immigration of a kind you see as a form of warfare against your own people, then voting for him in large numbers will at least establish the fact that from now on you are a constituency that has to be represented, appeased or fought with openly. You might also put some healthy fear into the SJWs that their destructiveness will be avenged. So it helps open possibilities, or at least clear away old haze and obfuscations, no matter what Trump really wants.

          • So what’s new about Trump doing it? (And he hasn’t yet.)

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  • FactsWillOut

    Has any other candidate created thousands of jobs, spoken of a border wall, mass deportations and said he’ll stop imorting Muzz?
    Case closed, he’s the most conservative one out there, because without those measures, there will be no conservatism left in America.