Unfettered immigration turned London into a foreign city – where even the tramps are “immigrants”

How Labour has turned London into a foreign city: Fewer than half the capital’s population are white British, gangsters from Somalia terrorise the suburbs and even the tramps are immigrants, reveals astonishing new book

The other migrants who were there started to shout at us. Apparently, the sick man owed them and their trafficking gang money. We had to hustle him out fast.

I emerged shaken. I had glimpsed a London I did not know existed — one of Third World poverty, exploitation and criminality.

It is writer Ben Judah’s great achievement to reveal that hidden city in his new book, This Is London: Life And Death In The World City.

A young war correspondent, Judah examines his home city as the foreign metropolis it has now become.

Since 2001, immigration has transformed the capital. More than half of Londoners are now not ethnically British.

As he says: ‘I was born in London, but I no longer recognise this city. I don’t know if I love the new London, or if it frightens me: a city where at least 55 per cent of people are not white

British, nearly 40 per cent were born abroad and hundreds of thousands are living illegally, in the shadows.’

  • Exile1981

    Comingbis the day when the muslims in England start a battle to purge the english from england.

    • Progressives have screwed the monkey.

      • Ed

        No. VOTERS have screwed the monkey. It’s time to stop blaming “elites.” If voters are willing to vote for parties that increase their welfare check by 5%, but as part of the bargain open the floodgates for immigration, they have no one to blame but themselves.

        • I still can’t believe Canadians voted for J. Trudeau.

        • In reality you are correct about the 5% welfare increase. But I do not think the idiot elites let the population in on the migration trade off issue. I believe it was one of their Utopian ideas they were unwilling to share in advance.

          And what a f*cking mess they have made. The white race in Europe may never overcome the traitors of this generation.

  • I haven’t been to London for many years. Who would want to visit there? It is full of Muslims, and I have no desire to see any.

    • Brett_McS

      If I’m in the area, Prague is the city to visit.

      • Yes, I enjoyed Prague a couple of years ago.

  • Richard II would be ashamed: This septic isle, this unhappy breed of men

  • Brett_McS

    I like the picture of the gypsies sleeping in the doorway of a Mayfair apartment. It’s schadenfreude-tastic.

  • DMB

    Contrast this to London during the 1960’s. 🙁 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWXVWjvaaRg

  • Dana Garcia

    Third world immigration is one of the great evils of the modern world, and it was sold by elites as a benefit, because of diverse restaurants or something.

    There are no benefits; it is all bad.

    • Brett_McS

      Especially so in the time of massive advances in communication and transportation of goods. There is no need for it.

      The fact that emigration robs poorer countries of their best and brightest is also one of the great evils, particularly when that is paired with the fact of improved communication, which allows people in poor countries to see what is possible … and then the people in their country who would be most capable of moving the country in that direction leave.

  • canminuteman

    It’s no different here. I was at the Scarborough Town Center mall today and saw only a handful of whites, probably less than 10 percent. There were more people in pajamas and women in masks than there were white people.

    • Clink9

      Wow. I remember when that place was a field before they built it.

      My high school down the road then was 99% white.

      Now it’s a total flip.

  • Dana Garcia

    Financial Times has a straight book review with a pull quote that says a lot about diversity:

    “The drug dealer complains that ‘good help is so hard to find’. Everyone looks down on someone else”


  • bargogx1

    “Fewer than half the capital’s population are white British”

    A Leftist wet dream.

  • Ed

    Perhaps Feminists are finally finding a population willing to do the nasty?

  • Gary

    Sounds like what’s happening in Toronto . The Politician’s boast about the Diversity while trying to show how THEY aren’t the racist as they also boast how the City is over 50% non-Canadian born and close to 50% non-white.

    Sadly , guns and gangs are the norm along with Welfare Housing by the Minority groups we can’t mention because it stereotypes the majority population for those crimes and Welfare.
    While Regent Park welfare housing is 60% muslim as it is , get ready for Justin’s Jihadi’s and RapeFugees with PTSD and only 10% of the 50,000 that speak and read English or French .
    I expect that Wynne will create fake jobs in the Government to hide the poverty and the failed Rescue Mission by Justin to get him Elected . In the 1960’s it was normal to see factories near your neighbourhood where a parent could be working to actually produce something of value that was sold to other Citizens or people in Canada.
    Other than bakeries and Micro breweries , very little is Produced in Toronto while most of the items sold are imported which creates low paying retail jobs with zero job security . The Middle class is waning while the survivors among them are in Public Sector jobs that are costing taxpayers money and NOT creating wealth to fuel the tax-base .
    The Government in Ontario is stuck in a vicious downward spiral as is Toronto where they both rely on the people getting social assistance to buy Lottery ticket, cigarettes , booze and spend their check in the area to be taxed backed as if it’s new money.
    Miller helped drive up Toronto’s debt to $4 billion while he had the nerve to tell taxpayers they Toronto could no longer collect Garbage for FREE .
    He fooled people to think that nobody got paid to collect the trash and now he was forced to give us those US made Garbage Bins at a cost per unit.

    Basically , Toronto is heading towards being a Detroit where the public was fooled into thinking that Government employees with nice salaries and Gold-Plated pensions are making the City rich as they spend it in their neighbourhood which is what Sid Ryan loved to spew to the taxpayers .
    In the mind of a Liberal we would be a wealthy society is everyone had a government job and 6 figure Pensions to spend the money and make us richer .
    It was about 25 years ago that I predicted that the denial by the Politicians over gun violence and they failed Multiculturalism would make Toronto into another US type City with welfare housing , drug issue and gangs shooting up the place as if it’s the 1930’s Chicago .
    While the Leaders told the Media that Toronto is safe , they also approved bullet proof vests and the Protection Shield in Taxi’s to stop the killing a cab drivers .

  • pop

    I lived there for a few years. I won’t go back and ruin my beautiful memories of it.