The Liz May way to stop the oil sands

Paragon of environmental virtue, prophet of planetary salvation, Elizabeth May is scheduled to offer 40 minutes of her best anti-oil sands wisdom January 21 at a National Energy Board public hearing into the proposed Kinder Morgan Trans-Mountain pipeline expansion. May’s presentation at the Delta Burnaby Hotel and Conference Centre on British Columbia’s Lower Mainland will be but one of many she’s made during her career-long campaign against the Canadian oil industry.

  • Spatchcocked

    when does Woodbine opens this spring……?

  • Maggat

    Very good article. May is enough to gag a maggot.

  • ntt1

    Instead of resembling a rabid beaver that photoshop has her looking like mr ed. for the time being the oil sands are depressed and barely operating ,as a result there will be a 50 billion shortfall in GDP this year. if anti resource clowns get their way what do they offer to replace the income? tie died tea towels?

  • Gaylord Ponce

    Jesus, take that picture down! I just ate.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Elizabeth May is completely irrelevant now that her reason for living has become just an ordinary MP.

  • Cat-astrophe

    Wow, Liz Beth without any make up….

    • David

      You can’t make up lisbet.

  • BillyHW

    It’s amazing how much effort losers will go to to keep others from making any progress.

  • Allan

    Are you sure that’s a picture of a woman??