Omar and Justin

Note this is a Google translation of a Journal de Montreal article.

Omar and Justin

The rockstar of Islamism, and acrobat of doublespeak, Tariq Ramadan, grand-son of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, welcomed the election Justin Trudeau during a recent visit to McGill University.

Adulated, Ramadan is as a moderate although it runs a chair on the sharia in Qatar. In 2011, in a speech in Texas, brother Tariq expressed the desire to see Muslims “colonize” the United States. Canada is near.

The tactic? Infiltrate institutions.

A controversial appointment

Back to Justin Trudeau. In December, he appointed a longtime friend, the member for Mississauga Centre, Omar Alghabra, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Qatar commended the appointment.

His CV has raised questions in the media in English Canada – and American – but in Quebec as usual, radio silence. I will try to landing.
Mechanical Engineer, Mr. Alghabra was born in Saudi Arabia to Syrian parents. He came to Canada at the age of 19.

In 2004 and 2005, he served as president of the Canadian Arab Foundation. Four years later, the Canadian government stopped subsidizing the organization said “radical and anti-Semitic.” Two courts upheld this decision. CAF received a million a year to teach English to immigrants. Alghabra, who had already left the CAF, condemned the federal act, according to the National Post.

At the first swearing-in as an MP Omar Alghabra in 2006, Khalid Usman, then a member of PLC and city councilor for Markham, would, according to several witnesses, launched the podium it was a victory for Islam . Without being snubbed by Alghabra.

I might add that it was in favor of Islamic Courts in Canada? Hamas and Hezbollah are not necessarily terrorist groups? He refused to condemn suicide bombings interview with The Jewish Tribune in 2006?

In 2007, Alghabra was invited to speak at the 33rd Congress of the Islamic Society of North America Canada, with Tariq Ramadan. But in 2013, after a grand tour of Justin Trudeau, ISNA

Development has lost its charitable status to have transferred funds to terrorists in Pakistan.

When he was still president of the Canadian Arab Foundation, Alghabra presented to the Senate a brief detailing opposition to the CAF counter-terrorism legislation of the time. According to him, part of the solution was to involve and hire more Arabs and Muslims in the agencies responsible for security in Canada.

How to know?

Without question, Canada needs all qualified citizens for its fight against terrorism. The September 11, 2001, Americans have paid a high price for not having hired more Arabic speakers. But there comes a time when the average citizen, to put scent has questions.

How can we fully trust people whose leaders preach concealment for political purposes? How to tell the difference between an “infiltrator” and ally? What is Justin Trudeau suspicions hovering since 2004 on its new parliamentary secretary?

Where he takes his certainties? Who should we be wary?

The ‘ordinary’ Muslims are really the first victims of Islamism.

  • Minicapt

    ‘The ‘ordinary’ Muslims are really the first cause of Islamism.”


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  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Iffen I renamed myself Omar al Differential Calculus would I get the same type of position in the trudeau gubbamint?

    • Clink9

      Try dance…dancetotheshwarma.

  • Gary

    Omar is close to the Hamas funding CAIR, he and Sheema Khan aided in the $400 million extortion lawsuit by Maher Arar .
    Below is a photo of Sheema Khan’s Palestinian buddy at CAIR that is speaking at the pro-hamas rally where you see a Hezballah flag. This taqqiyah master and weasel Saudi was also head of the CAF when it posted a PDF version of their notice to Muslims and Arabs to avoid helping the RCMp and CSIS or the Police looking into Jihad terrorism or Jihad plots.
    He shaved his beard off and put on a suit.
    A islamists by any other name ………..

  • John

    Si je suis élu chef du Parti libéral et si avec votre appui je deviens
    Premier ministre du Canada, j’aurai comme priorité votre participation à
    l’élaboration et la rédaction des lois, afin qu’elles reflètent votre culture
    et les valeurs islamiques.

    ‘If I am elected head of the Liberal Party and if with your support I become Prime Minister of Canada, I will have as a priority your participation in the drawing up laws in order that they better reflect your culture and your Islamic values’

    Justin Trudeau ‘Reviving The Islamic Spirit Conference’ 2012

    • Etobicoke_Gladiator

      “Useful idiot” for JT is an understatement.

      • ontario john

        Yes, but the Toronto Star is excited at the colourful socks he wore in Devos.

        • Etobicoke_Gladiator

          When this idiot opened his mouth in Davos, our diversity became a little more vibrant and multicultural, and our dollar sank even lower.

      • Canadian Born

        Traitor would be a better statement as he has sold Canada out to Muslims, and people thought Harper was bad! When Liberal voters are homeless and living on the streets they have no one to blame but themselves. Is there not one Canadian that has the balls to stand up to this traitor?

  • ontario john

    I’m sure they will be much in demand to speak at United and Anglican churches.
    When Michael Coren finally gets ordained as an Anglican priest, they can all gather at his church for special services.

    • Etobicoke_Gladiator

      Last I heard he was investigating the Baha’i Community of Canada due to a profound change of heart and much profound reflection. His profundity has further deepened, apparently, as he probes and probes the depths of his spirituality.

  • Clear Thinker

    Immigrate, Infiltrate, Caliphate. Wash-rinse-repeat.

    • Etobicoke_Gladiator

      This must be the instructions on Justin’s shampoo!!! No wonder Shiny Pony’s hair is so vibrant!