UK: Muslim Dad tries to marry off 9 yr old daughter to 18-year-old cousin

AUTHORITIES intervened when they discovered that a nine-year-old girl was in danger of being taken to Afghanistan to marry her cousin.

  • Waffle

    Old tribal custom — keeps the money in the family; averts any “honour” problems by marrying them of before the hormones of puberty start to kick in and besides, who are we to say what is right and what is wrong (sarc. off)

    • Also a ticket to England!

    • Petrilia

      Only genetic defects which the UK will be expected to fix along with all the other diseases which we were so proud to have eradicated……until now.

    • Brian Jones

      And thanks to that whole banning music as haram thing, no one will ever hear the Deliverance banjo music, so there’s nothing to tip them off to this being a bad idea.

    • Mike Norris

      Not an old custom at all. Many of the people that I work with in the middle east are married to their first-cousins, just as their parents and grand-parents and great-grandparents……..

      • Waffle

        So,it’s an ancient custom?

        • Mike Norris

          I was waffling on whether or not you meant it was an ancient custom that wasn’t practiced anymore, or if you meant that it was happening for ~1400 years. My point is that it is, still, very common amongst islamists. The proof is in all the Bedouin who are waddling around here with the same genetic defects.

          • Waffle

            Cousin marriage predates Islam. As I said, it’s a tribal thing.

  • canminuteman

    Just another patch in the vibrant quilt of multiculteralism!

  • Jay Currie

    9 was good enough for the Prophet so it should be good enough for you. And don’t give me that holier than though crap about paedophilia… That is just western Christian privilege talking. You’re judging the true Faith and you’re racist Islamophobic bigot if you even think that way.

    • ontario john

      I wonder what the view of the imam in Peterborough is on child marriage. Trudeau’s imam there believes that women should stay at home and be sex toys for husbands.

  • Raymond Cameron

    It is unislamic: the husband should be at least 50 year old…

  • pdxnag

    Another one of those challenging dilemmas. The child of a savage is at risk from their own parents but we cannot just boot out (or hardly even punish) the parent so we just have to learn to live with it, to adapt and thus embrace savagery.

    Do we dare keep out all savage peoples so that they do not dilute civilization into a savage morass? If you can no longer identify savagery then it is too late.

  • ontario john

    But mohammad says its ok, so what is the problem? My concern is who gets the goat?

  • Physics grad

    Why stop it? Let her go, and deport the whole family with her.

    I do not care what muslim animals do to other muslims, as long as they are not allowed to be here to do it.