The World They Made

“…If the present polls hold up through Iowa and New Hampshire, it’d be the reconfiguration of Mr and Mrs Main Street America as just another interest group. So a philosophical commitment to free trade means less to them than the degeneration of mill and factory towns into wastelands of fast-food service jobs and heroin addiction. An abstract respect for religious pluralism means less to them than reducing the number of crazies running around whose last words before opening fire are “Allahu akbar!” A theoretical belief in private-sector health care means less to them than not getting stiffed by crappy five-figure health “insurance” that can be yanked out from under you at any moment under Byzantine rules and regulations that change 30 times a day. And bipartisan myth-making about “a nation of immigrants” means a whole lot less than another decade of Press One For English, flatlined wages, sanctuary cities and remorseless cultural transformation…”

  • Waffle

    Hindsight is always 20-20. Today we live in a world which has been told, for decades now, that it is dangerous and risky to fall for the poisoned lies of populists. Hitler’s populism is always at the top of the list. The alleged anti-populism of ultimate “diversity” guys like Obama get a free pass, an unearned Nobel and a second term to cast his wrecking ball.

    But when someone like Donald Trump (who doesn’t need your money or mine) stands in front of a country just as demoralized as the Germans in the wake of Versailles, we tell each other to beware. In fact, the ghost of Hitler is evoked time and time again.

    But we (both Americans and Canadians) will continue to cast our ballots for the “right kind” of populist. Hence we are fated with the likes of Obama and now Trudeau.

    • Alain

      I would agree except that we have no Canadian equivalent. The Liberals claim to speak for us and think of themselves as populists, which is insulting.

      • Waffle

        We are a very intellectually lazy populace. For whatever reason, we are timid about “thinking outside the box” and so we swallow wholesale, that b.s. the Liberals are our “natural governing party”. Sadly, our younger generations refuse to believe the ugly truth about Trudeau the elder (as did too many of my peers) and hail his son as some sort of second coming. This is the great tragedy of Canada.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    At this point, it looks like it will be Trump vs. Bernie Sanders, as Hillary is on the brink of another spectacular flop. There are still ten months to go and things can happen.