The American Political Animal assesses conservatives freaked re Trump

Readers may recall my American friend, the Political Animal who senses that, for better or worse, Trump will be the next US prez.

I wrote back, asking him some questions, and he replied.

Me: By the way, what do you make of Thomas Sowell’s comments?:

Is that the emotional release that Republican voters will be seeking when they begin voting in the primaries? If so, Donald Trump will be their man. But if the sobering realities of life and the need for mature and wise leadership in dangerous times is uppermost in their minds, they will have to look elsewhere.

PA wrote back:

Sowell misdiagnoses the current situation, inadvertently condescending to the base. It isn’t some simplistic emotional release Trump supporters seek: it’s a genuine change to the status quo. Another name for that is politicians actually doing what they promise to do.

Me: and Ben Shapiro’s?

Our media-reinforcing cycle of fame is more like a street corner of skyward-looking nincompoops than an aggregation of Yelp reviews. Our elites tell us that we ought to look at a given candidate in a given way; we then react to those elites by following their spotlight. Donald Trump has received nearly half of all media coverage in the Republican race since he announced his campaign. That means that a lot of people are willing to overlook his flubs and his foibles — he’s a known face, and that fame protects him from comments that would hurt any other candidate.

The problem here isn’t Trump. It’s our entire culture of politics. Barack Obama has made ubiquity an art form — it’s hard to imagine that someone who appears regularly with YouTube stars to talk about tampon taxes could actually be malignant. Joe Biden appears on “Parks and Recreation.” Hillary Clinton dances with Ellen and makes awful jokes on “Saturday Night Live.” Our politicians know that exposure makes us comfortable with them.

PA replied:

Ben Shapiro is vastly overrated as a thinker in my opinion. Fame caused the Trump phenomenon? Of course not. This is just lazy.

Maybe you had to be here in the country when Trump, during his announcement to run for president!, called out the issue of amnesty, illegal alien crime and open borders. Nothing in that launch suggested fame. To the contrary, the media party, to steal from Ezra Levant, tried mightily to kill his campaign.

Understanding Trump and his support simply is not difficult. The only requirement is honesty, something most pundits rarely aspire to.

But, PA, why should pundits think they need honesty if people who might vote for the GOP are just hapless sheep, their proportionate numbers diminishing daily, waiting to be sheared either silently or loudly?

Isn’t the real political business of both parties with the new dependency classes? The helpless,  the useless, the aggrieved? Shouldn’t that be written on the Statue of Liberty now?

Reality check: I think a Trump presidency will be a bad thing, but that is not principally Trump’s fault.

Average working multigenerational Americans (of all stripes) have staked their lives on their country. Now they must turn to an apparent buffoon with divided loyalties to speak for them, as opposed to speaking for anyone who wants to turn up and collect benefits?

Answers are beginning to come in. Let start with this: American gentry, liberal or conservative, insulate themselves (and profit!) from crime, disorder, political corruption, and economic decay occasioned by their new fun game—playing Mother Theresa in global politics.

They can afford to sneer at the little folk who must vote for either quick or slow erosion of functioning communities. Trump seems to promise slow erosion.

The other candidates can’t be bothered even making an offer the little people who pay taxes could accept.

Yes, things are bad in Canada too. But we don’t have that problem. Millions of people are not trying to spend the winter in North Bay or Fort Chip. So we don’t have to figure out what to do if they begin to reshape Canada along South American lines.

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  • john s

    Do you really contend that given our third world immigration levels we are not in the same boat as the US regarding newcomers reshaping our nation? Keep in mind that we have 1 tenth the pop of the US. We take in how many a year? Multiplied by 10 that would add up to at least as big a problem as our southern neighbour’s have.
    What divided loyalties are we talking about with Trump? As far as I can tell he has no loyalties, except to himself. It is alien in Canada to expect a politician to actually do what he says he will do, and in the US their political class fears anyone who might do such things. However, that is exactly what trump supporters are hoping for. Will they get it? Who knows? But I think we all know it will be business as usual if he does not get in and a lot of people are sick of that.

    • We are all sick of it, on both sides of the border.

    • john s, My impression is that Canada does not have a huge wave of migrants. For geographical reasons, among others, people don’t usually just migrate to Canada.

      We have immigrants from all over the world who chose Canada as a destination, the majority of whom could have gone elsewhere, as they are young, skilled, and able-bodied. We have lots of problems, but I wouldn’t compare them to those of a country to which tens of millions of people are simply migrating – which means there is no basis for even trying to shape what is happening.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        There’s more than five thousand muslims living in Saskatoon which has a population of about 225,000.
        There weren’t that many when I moved there eight years ago.
        And I’m glad I left.

      • Justin St.Denis

        Denyse, look at Toronto’s demographics. Canada’s largest city is ripe for a major terrorist operation. Give it a few months of lackadaisical oversight under Sunny Ways’ administration…

        • Justin, the Americans are facing something different. Vast masses of people have simply drifted up from Latin America, legally, otherwise, or in between.

          Such problems as we have in Canada often stem from unwise policies; it’s not clear that the Americans can enforce a policy at all.

          If Toronto is targeted by terror, the bad attitudes of non-terrorists will be blamed. This is principally because of the diminishing value of law-abiding and working citizens in a post-employment society.

          • Justin St.Denis

            It’s all disgusting and if I think about it too much, I wanna tear my hair out!

      • john s

        Well I am not too sure about that, since a substantial number of our I migrants are members of families and or are coming in sponsored by immigrants. However, even skilled migrants who want to come here will attempt to change the country. Certainly, there are enough Chinese in the lower mainland of bc to make a lot of changes….

  • FactsWillOut

    The best thing Trump could do for the USA is get Putin to nuke DC.
    Second best would be to secure the border, and stop all immigration from 3rd world shitholes.

    • Xavier

      Metaphorically, of course. Then we could pretend to move the Capitol to Nebraska where it belongs.

      • Clink9


      • FactsWillOut

        The “Capital” should be determined annually by lottery. 🙂

      • Justin St.Denis

        I vote for Boise, Idaho.

      • moraywatson

        Is there a short hand for “metaphorically, of course” ? It seems to have become a recently recurring meme. Sort of like a post ipso facto “trigger warning” !

  • Brett_McS

    The irony being that of all the candidates, the one least likely to follow through on (conservative) policies he has suggested is Mr Mercurial himself, The Donald.

    PA must be some kind of super-genius to be looking down from the clouds on Ben Shapiro’s intellect.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      I don’t know who political animal is, but I look down on Ben Shapiro’s intellect, every day; sometimes twice a day.
      I un-followed the fucker and stopped reading anything he scribbles at Breitbart.
      So, what do you want to know?
      You only think he’s ‘smart’ because a supposedly ‘smart person’ told you he was smart.
      He ain’t all that smart.

  • simus1

    Perhaps if Goldman Sachs provided Trump with a courtesy office with a view out over Wall Street, the Amalgamated Union of Bootlicking Journo Bullshitters would pipe down and relax a bit.

  • john s

    28 thousand economic migrants to canada in 2014 spoke neither official language. About 25 percent of our 280 thousand immigrants were family class. Refugees not included. 90 000 of the 160 k who intend to work are new workers (sounds unskilled to me). So no, our immigration programing is not as depicted. Given our small population, I would suggest that our society is under siege, especially since I estimate 40k or so are from muslim countries.