Serial Hammer Attacker Of Women Found Guilty

Nabīl or Nabeel (Arabic: نبيل‎) is a male given name of Arabic origin, meaning “noble”.

Hammer attacker convicted

An Ottawa man has been found guilty in a spree of daylight ambush-style hammer attacks on unsuspecting women.

Nabil Benhsaien, 38, was found guilty on a dozen counts of aggravated assault and assault with a weapon for his string of random attacks on five women between 2010 and 2013.

Benhsaien said little in court Thursday, consulting briefly with defence counsel Joseph Addelman before being escorted into custody. He is due back in court on Jan. 29, with Crown prosecutor John Semenoff requesting a mental health assessment.

  • Shebel

    Benhsaien and Addelman will cost us poor suckers over a million dollars before this is done.

    • Very likely.

    • The Butterfly

      It’s just a different kind of enrichment.

  • The Butterfly

    “Ottawa” “man”.

  • Shebel

    Imagine you daughter walking down the street , without a care in the world –and this demented , mother fucker comes and beats her head in with a hammer. She has a lifetime – of being an invalid.
    Of course the perp has mental issues. WTF—- He sure as hell ain’t normal.
    The fact that he did it a dozen times might just clue some Leftist Liberal piece of shit Judge to put this piece of garbage AWAY forever and a day.
    Won’t happen.

  • cdnmohamhater

    ottawa aint seen nuthin yet

  • canminuteman

    Not guilty by reason if islamity?

  • Mr_bigstuff

    You watch – NCR – Back on the street in 2 years less a day- Take this prick out back of the courthouse and put one behind his ear- Save us some money-

  • Gary

    I never saw this on the CBC or in the STAR .
    How come Justin quickly Condemns any Alleged or perceived act of islamophobia as does the CBC and STAR , but muslims that actual get caught doing crimes inspired by the quran don’t even get covered , or are put on page A.26 of the STAR as a Ottaw man attacks women .

    THIS is why I believe that the Police are currently covering up muslim rape-gangs and honour killing and stabbings.
    The Police no longer work for the Public , they answer to the Human Rights Commissions and the Popular Political Party such as the Liberals.

    No wonder Bill Blair ran for the federal Liberals , he was bias as the Police Chief and should have been booted out right after his charade to LIE and tell us that the Toronto-18 muslims terrorist were all born in Canada and had NOTHING to do with islam or being muslims.
    Now the Police endorse Sharia Law as their Official faith where the Hiajb/Niqab is part of the Uniform for the Master-Race to get jobs as Cops and carry guns . I won’t be shocked when we see a devout pro-sharia muslims cop do a Fort Hood slaughter at the Police HQ in Toronto one day
    Blair can get right on it and look for a Motive other than islam and the quran .

  • Alain

    I recall living in Ottawa in the mid seventies and it being for the most part a lovely and peaceful place. Of course there were no Muslims then or at least clearly not visible and very few “visible minorities”. Funny how a change in the population changes everything.

    • Gary

      I remember that female HIjab wearing muslim student at a University near Ottawa that was raped in the Lab class on a Thursday night when she was there by herself.

      Sheema Khan from CAIR jumped on that story and ran to the CBC with her anti-muslim Hate-crime that helps CAIR incite hatred for Canada in muslims that helps produce more Jihadists for allah .
      The CTV, STAR and CBC went FULL ‘ islamophobia’ while the feminazi’s joined in too by their Misandry Industrial Complex that needs MORE government funding for a non-crisis.

      Well well well , Dr.Sheema Khan and the CBC had their hate-Crime to parade around and shame white Christian male and prove how evil Canada is .
      But….by Sunday the Police had their rapist which Ms.Khan wanted along with the CBC and Imam’s and mosques .
      He was a foreign student from Africa and was a Black muslim that is very devout that follow his version of sharia law. His statement to the Police was that the women deserved it as a muslim for binging unescorted and alone in the University class room which is punished by provisions in the sharia law.

      Poor Sheema Khan , her crusade for Sharia Law in Canada
      back in 2005 was rejected even when she went on TVO and said it would give more Rights to women and Citizens that our Current Charter Of Rights.
      The story was dropped by the Media and by CAIR once they found out that sharia law got the female student RAPED , plus the feminists dropped it because it was a Black muslim and foreign student that had no value in Canada to blame all males .