PM Useful Idiot’s MP’s Continue To Meet With Anti-Semitic Hate Group

Liberal Member of Parliament for Mississauga-Erin Mills, Ontario, Iqra Khalid, who studied Criminology at York University and committed to bring to parliament a “fresh” and “progressive perspective”, met (January 18, 2016) with senior members of the Canadian Palestinian community and board members of the Mississauga-based Palestine House , including Dr. Nazih Khatatba.

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  • Exile1981

    Liberals have been anti-Semitic since Frederick Blair overruled PM William Lyon Mackenzie King and sent the Jews on the St. Louis back to Nazis Germany.

    Interestingly enough all the Wiki pages about Blair fail to mention his political party.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Liberal anti-Semitism isn’t an aberration, it’s a feature.

  • Where the heck are our security-intel people? Isn’t it their obligation to warn the PM? And has “frat boy” never been told to be on the lookout for foreign controlled “agents of influence”?

    I still maintain that the biggest mistake our security-intel people made was to shut down its counter-subversion department. Mostly because of lobbying from the NDP a number of years ago. The NDP — are you serious? They’re still a card-carrying member of the Socialist International — their allegiance is to the SI first and to Canada second.

  • Al_the_Fish

    How long before one of the usual suspects from the Pally House protests gets named a Senator? I give less than 10 months…..

    • Gary

      Pally House was tied to the Citizenship fraud case where these treasonous weasels had Immigration Lawyers as part of the scam to use Pally House as the Address for over 300 muslims that weren’t even in Canada .
      The scam was to get into Canada and get the Landed Status to start the Clock for how long you were a Legal Resident inside Canada to apply for the Citizenship after 3 years. The muslims would leave Canada to go back home while the Lawyer and Scum at Pally House had the Address of P.H. for any Mail sent to these scam artists that would get forwarded to the Lawyer.
      Palestine House is tied to the hamas funding CAIR which Omar Alghabra was tied to and several of the Sunni funding Mosques in Canada that fabricated hate-crimes via vandalism to their mosque knowing the Politicians and Media would condemn it even without evidence and not 1 witness .
      The islamsists goals for now is to incite hatred towards canada as anti-muslims and ta War with islam. That’s why they love Justin Trudeau and voted for this useful-Idiot along with using Shhema khan at CAIR that went on the jew-hating anti-canada CBC to spew fake hate-crimes while claiming that islam is a religion of peace.
      The CBC LIED about the Toronto-18 Muslim terrorists to protect Chretien by repeating the big lie that they were Home-Grown Canada born Muslims.
      The T.O. -18 bomb plot was started by 2 Afghanistan immigrants that were angry because Chretien had our Troops in Afghan that were killing their Taliban muslim brothers.
      Liberal do NOT want to admit that their Multiculturalism utopia failed and Canada is not treated like a Hotel with FREE health care while the Staff is expected to learn THEIR language.
      Harper wanted to take away the Citizenships for these two Jihadist traitors which Justin opposed to get the islamists votes. We saw 24 Canadians get murdered on 9./11 by quran inspired savages ( 15 were saudi’s ) doing it as a favour to allah , that attack was aided by the Al-qaeda camps in Afghanistan ( which Omar Khadr said he saw Maher Arar at one) and THAT was why we had troops there.
      The muslims in Canada with a loyalty to Allah and their previous nation will continue to be open to killing us or be complicit by not condemning those other muslims doing terrorism for allahs cause.

      The media covered-up the 1985 slaughter of 268 Canadians by Sikh terrorists in Canada that planted bombs on 3 Air Planes of which the 747 plane blew up at 45,000 and 550 mph to kill a total of 329 Humans.
      The CBC does not report the 9/11 islamic slaughter by muslims as having a religious motive. The CBC claims that several planes were taken-over by criminals of which 2 had hit Office towers.

      Get ready for the CBC and Police to cover-up the RapeFugees
      bring their gang-rapes to Toronto and Montreal. Watch for the usual feminists like Naomi Klein and Susan G Cole to fear telling the truth by linking it to misogyny for all males . These 2 stooges still won’t admit that the 1989 mass slaughter Jihad in Montreal to 14 female students was by a Muslim as Sharia Murders.

      Justin runs the RCMP while Wynne bought off the OPP , don’t expect the islamists to get arrests or kicked out of Canada for terrorism because they won’t be touched that’s to Imam Justin and the Bisexual premier that allowed 2 jew-hating mosques in Public schools.

  • Martin B

    Dr Nazi will whisper sweet nothings into Shiny Pony’s ears for the next 4 years.

  • ontario john

    The little dick head is ranting on again today about how diverse Canada is. I’m sure this is impressing investors in Europe that we are bringing thousands of muslims into the country. They can’t even make a decision on the energy east pipeline. Adam Vaughn the downtown Toronto Liberal MP was saying that they don’t trust the system of review set up by that evil Harper, and so they will take months to set up a new system that gives better voice to environmental loons, whiny indians and liberal supporters in Quebec.

  • Achmed

    Once we are 10% of the population like in France there will be no turning back.

    We make up 3.5% of Canada and 8% in Toronto. In 20 years we will be 10% of the Canadian population and our votes will be able to make or break any national or Ontario election.

    • ontario john

      That should make the united church happy.

      • David Murrell

        That will make the CBC happy..

  • DMB

    I see Omar Algabra’s handywork at play here.

    • Yup and likely with the Maclean’s article as well.