Philippine Christians to take up arms against those moderate Muslims who keep trying to kill them

Members of a Christian group have taken up arms in a bid to stop the Philippines becoming the new breeding ground for ISIS.

The militia, who call themselves Red God’s Defenders, formed in the mountains in the restive south of the country where the terror group is taking a stranglehold.

Pictures show group burning the black flag of ISIS while fighters raise their weapons in celebration in a symbolic counter-offensive to the jihadist’s propaganda machine.

Like this… Philippine Muslims murder seven in Christmas eve raids

  • The Butterfly

    Taking up arms? Don’t they know that the pope has condemned arms manufacture?

    • Shebel

      I hear tell the he also has the ability to forgive Sins.

  • African

    God bless them. We need Christians and other non-muslims taking up arms to defend themselves every where. Remember the good people of CAR? Government forces in all countries are all copying the West and are politically-correct and weak and cannot defend their societies form barbaric genocidal jihadists.

  • Hopefully the Philippine military does not side with the jihadists.

    • favill

      No…the Philippine military has lost many of its soldiers and marines to the Muslims (including a maj-general)…if anything, I would actually believe soldiers stationed near that location moonlighting during their off-hours and conducting/leading raids on Muslim towns.

  • luna

    MSM will spin this as more evidence of Muslims being victimized.

    • Alain

      So what’s new and who cares anymore?

  • Norman_In_New_York

    This was only a matter of time. Most Filipinos take their Christianity seriously.

  • UCSPanther

    And so they should. The only way to reason with a jihadi is with force, be it the bite of steel or the thwack of high velocity lead.

    We’ll definitely be seeing this in Western Europe in the foreseeable future.