Pat Condell: Dumbing Down University

Campus censorship an epidemic in UK universities

  • Gary

    This was why Jack Layton was outraged at Student debt , imagine dropping $50 ,0000.00 on your child’s University education and you find out that they are just as stupid as when they enrolled four years earlier.

    I met some of these fragile types 20 years ago and they took useless Courses just to have the word University on their resume` . There was a Data terminal that went down and we couldn’t send information to a Clint at a New York Office. The Wiz Kid with his phd in ‘marshmallow shapes and their firmness’ asked me to check the system out after the second day it was down .
    After 2 minutes of testing the Messages looping back in the system I knew the problem was external for data transfer……tada ……… the Cleaners knocked out the power plug for the Modem that linked us to New York .
    Nice , 2 days whet by and it was a power plug which this kid didn’t check , the same kid that treats anyone of 40 like a moron.

  • John

    Pat is always a pleasure to listen to.