One time in summer, the Muslims said we were sluts for walking outside in a t-shirt

WATCH: ‘Angela Merkel You Have Killed Germany!’ – 16 Year Old Girl’s Viral Migrant Fears Video

h/t LRC

  • Exile1981

    A country were girls are in constant threat of rape and assault for not submitting to islamic assholes is not the world I want to leave my children.

    • It’s a perfect world to Justin Trudeau however, and that’s all that matters.

      • Exile1981

        until he spends us into oblivion

        • Denis

          I think by this time next year he will be in the toilet of public opinion. If not then Canada is really screwed.

          • Justin St.Denis

            I hope you are correct, but I have seen how resilient stupid can be in my time.

          • Brian Jones

            I’m hoping as that happens the media scum keep on keepin’ on with BS reports like the one I flipped past earlier tonight on CTV, wherein they were gushing about whatever paid vacation conference thing Ronnie Wood Jr. has deigned to grace with his presence this week and how all the important people wanted to take selfies with him and isn’t that cool and great?

            Idea being that as Turdo starts swirling down the bowl he takes the media scum with him, thereby reducing their future credibility and influence.

            One can dream, right?

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          Wait until the housing bubble pops.
          CMHC has exposure on the same magnitude as the national debt and far smaller reserves than it will need to stay solvent.
          “The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation expects its mortgage insurance total to fall to $535 billion by the end of 2015”

          • Gary

            The CMHC used to have a 30% liability rate around 1985 but it’s now close to 75% which means that taxpayers will be left holding the bag once the Ponze scheme implode .

      • Exile1981
      • V10_Rob

        He and his kids, like other elites, are generally safe in neighborhoods with a distinct lack of vibrant diversity.

        • Alain

          And with armed security which is denied to the rest of us.

    • The Butterfly

      It’s the world Pope Francis wants to leave to your children.

  • canminuteman

    Well at least one young person can see the ramifications of what is happening. It’s a start.

  • David Murrell

    This is how revolutions start. Ordinary people start taking politics into their own ands, and shun old-style media and politicians. And here is the new media at work, trumping the old corrupt media in Germany.

    • Brett_McS

      It’s more how change happens. Revolutions happen when the people are denied influence and have to resort to the gun.

      • pdxnag

        She may yet have to carry a gun, with an eye toward the rationalization behind the U.S. Second Amendment.

  • The Butterfly

    Angela Merkel isn’t worried because she knows there is no way in hell she will ever be raped.

    • When the muzzies take over in Germany, they will rape Merkel, even if she’s eighty.

      • Brett_McS

        I think that’s what she’s counting on.

  • Nice girl. I pity her. Let’s now see if German men will answer her call for help.