Islamic terrorism in Australia is ‘here to stay’

Author, philosopher and neuroscientist Sam Harris, who is in Australia for a series of talks on his work, said a single person can easily decide they ‘want to wage jihad on infidels’ after being inspired of their own accord.

“Muslims tend to deny the nature of the problem and claim that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam. That is incredibility unhelpful,” Harris said.

“This problem is only going to grow, so to be dodging it, and branding anyone who discusses it as a bigot, is a dishonest thing to do.”

  • DMB
  • infedel

    No it is not…islam and its terrorism has been expelled in the past and will again not only be expelled but banned and then blown off the face of this planet once and for all.

    I refuse to accept the leftist/marxist narrative that that we cannot deport or expel any illegal invader or any anti-Western ideology. Sure we can, just as sure as they brought them in. Too bad so sad there are only civil rights in the West…no marxists fake, subjective, activist, and selective human rights; especially from people that do not acknowledge any rights except their doctrine/cultural rights in their countries or ours. Marxists and islam have been ethnically cleansing and genociding anyone not inline with their doctrine…we are not to turn the other cheek in the face of extermination—we will do the same in kind. No more tolerance for the intolerant.

    Sorry, my rant level is on overdrive after the news this week.

  • pdxnag

    We must eventually learn to recognize that to be or become Muslim is to not be a citizen of or to renounce citizenship in any free nation. The first urgent consequence must be the loss of the right to vote in the elections of the government against which their faith commands them to wage war.