Centennial scraps Saudi program

TORONTO – Centennial College has scrapped a controversial program in Saudi Arabia that has come under harsh criticism for excluding women.

Oh brother…

“My position is that if we are going to be engaged in the delivery of education in other parts of the world, then men and women must have equal access.

“That is a minimum we can expect in 2016,” Wynne said.”

That lying hypocrite enforces Sharia law on little girls in Ontario elementary schoools

  • canminuteman

    They didn’t think about this before they started? I guess we can add this to the list of liberal government billion dollar boondogles.

  • The Butterfly

    Ontario muslims can vote in Ontario elections, that’s why.

  • The Butterfly

    Why can’t Wynne take a trip to Saudi Arabia, and never come back?

    • Gary

      As a feminists lesbian liberal progressive she won’t last more than a day before someone behead his this treasonous Liar .

      McGuinty endorsed the homophobic jew-hating Mosque in the Valley Park PUBLIC school as did Barbara Hall and the TDSB , plus we see how Ontario allowed the Ahmadi’s to have the Teston rd Public school in Peace Village convert the Gym to mosque on Friday’s because muslims became the majority and DEMANDED the mosque.

      Liberal won’t change until Christians start strapping on bombs to their children , or they start to behead people in public when their demands aren’t met.

      The muslim islamists in Canada know that terrorism works to get their way.

      Peace Village for ahmadi muslims.

      * Neighbourhood in Vaughan, ON built exclusively to house Ahmadiyya Muslims. Non Muslims not encouraged to move there

      The Ahmadiyya say they don’t mean to isolate themselves, and they send their children to public school.

      Still, the Nation’s “cultural mosaic” is fairly monochrome in this spot: Teston Road Public School, which opened last month next to the mosque, is about 80% Muslim, and the school provides its gym on Fridays at lunchtime so the kids can kick off their running shoes, bow low toward Mecca and pray.
      “Even though they are born in Canada,” says Teston Road’s principal, David Nimmo, “their first language is Urdu.”


      The children’s lack of English is a hurdle. “Our academic scores are low in these schools,” Mr. Nimmo says, leading a tour of his shiny school, filled with children. He is helping to change that.
      Two years ago, he called a meeting at the mosque. “I wanted to tell them how poorly their children were doing. ” When he got there, he found only a handful of parents.
      “I was very discouraged, so I asked Naseer Ahmad, he got on the phone and within 20 minutes there were 300 people there. That’s how organized they were.” Now, he says, “they’ve rallied around us,” and grades are going up.”


      – The mosque was nearby, the street names were all from our community,” he says, sitting in an office at MB Computer Depot, a new store his brothers started in an Ahmadiyyaowned plaza near Peace Village.

      “I love it. When I see Ahmadiyya Avenue, it makes me proud, no question about it. Plus we’ve got the Vaughan Mills , we’ve got the Wonderland and hopefully the subway coming. I can wear my shalwar camise and walk from home to the mosque without someone looking at me funny for what I’m wearing.

      It just gives me the absolute comfort of being home.”


      -The houses, with some modifications, such as increased ventilation (for spicy food) and separate living rooms for women and men, are so successful that six years after Peace Village opened, Mr. Ahmad plans to double the mosque’s size and is now selling 55 townhomes, 1,700 square feet each, for around $350,000 with a garage and a yard, as “Peace Village Phase II.”

      Get used to it folks , the Ahmadiyya’s will grow in size while playing the Victim until they have the numbers to demand a Separate State since they don’t assimilate . The Ahmadi’s were in the News recently over that Muslim-Only Condo-Complex where 400 units will be Taxpayer funded Welfare units for Ahmadi refugees to parachute into them .


      Wynne is a liar and knows that the gender-apartheid goes on in 2 Public schools and in the Mosques that Justin endorses .

      The Old Canada is dead while it’s Future will belong to the Minority groups that out-breeds all others to impose THEIR Culture or faith.
      Just look at Toronto and how it’s becoming Sharia Complaint so fast and offers Services in over 100 languages so new comers can feel as if they are back home but have FREE Health Care .

      The ‘Oppressed’ come in by the compassion of the Citizens, but over time they become the ‘Oppressors’ .

      I’m of Aboriginal background and I’ve read-up on what islam does to the Natives of every Nation it Invades such as Syria and Egypt .

  • moraywatson

    Wynne’s a bitch. And a dyke. And a liberal. What’s not to love?