The Enigma of Germany

What to fear in Germany — an ideologically driven leader who unilaterally is changing the demographics of the nation without public support, or an angry populist counter-movement that vows to keep Germans safe by any means necessary when the government won’t? Both, or neither? Is Germany postmodern in erasing borders, or premodern in bullying its neighbors to do the same?

  • Brett_McS

    Well, I suppose this is something, although I would put it in the “trust but verify” category:

    Mr Dutton [the Immigration Minister] said the resettlement program would focus on persecuted minorities, including Christians and families.

    He told Macquarie Radio the department had been working with Syrian Christian leaders and the United Nations, but the latter could only make suggestions.

    “Ultimately we want to make sure that we’re bringing the right people,” he said.

    “People who can integrate into our community, that can get a job, can speak English, can give their kids the opportunity to go to school, that don’t treat women appallingly.”

    Mr Dutton said “Australia will decide who we accept”.

    “The UN can make referrals and if we’re not happy that person satisfies our criteria, they won’t be settled in our country,” he said.

    “The Prime Minister has been as adamant about that being the case as prime minister Abbott was.”

  • Xavier

    What a fantastic graphic.

  • Spatchcocked

    Somewhat mixed confused metaphor message unless there’s an ever so clever subtext…

    Sirens seduced the visitors to drown dashed upon on our iron bound coasts….a consummation devoutly to be etc etc etc…

    I see the old commie cow as more of a Circe…..although truth to tell they were swine before they arrived.

  • Years from now Merkel will be remembered for lighting the fuse of the Euro-Islamic civil war.

    She is clearly Germany’s biggest fool since Hitler.

    Nice job Merkel.

  • Spatchcocked

    Oh I dunno….it was inevitable already but she certainly sped up up the clash……what a good
    vomit the West is going to have….it will rejuvenate us……
    Think of Albigensians….think of St Bartholomews day…..think on a rather larger blot on the page of History.
    Jerusalem …Byzantium ….Lepanto….Vienna twice….Barbary pirates…but this is the BIG one o my brothers……this time we bury this putrid walking corpse forever.

    • Dana Garcia

      It is better to speed up the process, because the radical changes cannot be propagandized by the government media as more wonderful diversity, –where a little violence is acceptable as a cost for multiculturalism.

  • tom_billesley

    Migrants turn on Mutti, and sue German government for taking a long time to process their asylum claims.