Terror in Cairo: Six people dead, at least 15 injured after bomb explodes during police raid in tourist area near pyramids

A bomb attack has killed six people including three police officers and injured at least 15 others near a road leading to the Egyptian pyramids in Cairo.

The bomb exploded as a team of officers raided an apartment where militants were preparing explosives in the suburb of Giza, police said.

‘Six people have been killed in the blast, including three policemen. The others include a civilian and two unidentified men,’ a police officer said.

  • pdxnag

    What is the name of this daily soap opera?

    As The Jihad Turns.

    • Gary

      The TV show in SB California for the 14 dead was the muslims
      copy of a 1950’s Comedy they now call

      The JihadiMooners .

      BANG….ZOOOM , to the moon Ahmed , one of these days .

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I suppose you know by now what’s coming from me. Why should tourists go there and play Russian roulette when they can go next door and experience this.


  • Every single day there are several mass murders carried out by Islamists, somewhere in the world.

    • Exile1981

      The left claim Christians kill as well. The difference is muslims kill for their religion.

      • If a Christian murders he gets kicked out of the Church — excommunicated. If a Muslim murders he is promised rewards in paradise.

      • Gary

        A true follower of Christ is willing to be killed for their values of peace , islam has its followers that will kill people that don’t accept its values and kill people as a favour to their version of god .

        The minority of Liberal moderate muslims keep fighting the majority by pulling out the peaceful verses from the quran , but there are far more verses of hatred for the unbelievers and many calls to kill non-muslims.

        To make the quran peaceful to every convert it would have to be reduce it to a Mail Box Insert flyer or the Recycling Calender we get from City Hall .

  • Canadian

    And still they go there.