Revealed: Who’s funding Israel’s far-left?

As radical leftist NGOs continue to garner attention for their politicized impact on public discourse, Jerusalem-based research institute NGO Monitor this week released a database revealing just where they get their massive funds from.

The database discloses all grants reported annually by a full 27 Israeli NGOs between the years 2012 and 2014, sorting the data between private and governmental donors, and likewise indicating funds from church groups.

  • Good information, though not very surprising. Biggest donors – the Scandinavian fags, the kapos from New Israel Fund and, naturally, Soros. I have the suspicion that soon Alghabra and Trudeau will add Canada to the donors’ list.

    • charlieweird

      Good call… Trudeau just met with Zuckerberg and Soros in Europe… one wants to destroy fee speech and open debate… the other wants to destroy Western civilization and capitalism…

  • Maxsteele

    Thank you for sharing this. Basically the EU, it’s member countries and their embassies are the major donors with some of their private citizens too. Antisemitism is alive and well in Europe,

  • Norman_In_New_York

    This confirms what we long suspected.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Hardly surprising. Europe has always been deeply anti-Semitic at core. It’s embrace of muslims from the Middle East and Africa is working out so well, too.

    • charlieweird

      Much of this distrust against Jews is stemming from people like Zionist George Soros and his assault on Western democracy and Capitalism, and Zionist Zuckerberg and his assault on free speech etc.. The Pro Israel lobby and groups like JDL cause distrust in North America’s political arena,,
      Zionist Christians are likewise at the heart of this matter although conveniently overlooked,,,
      The truth is average Jews and average Christians and average Atheists etc etc are all in this fight against cultural Marxism together… but try convincing them of that..
      The powers that be are sowing discord among the religions and races, encouraging the influx of Muslims on masse.. its just a part of the scheme to sow discord and make an excuse for militarization of police and the elimination of liberties and freedoms.. under the guise of multiculturalism… The SJW’s, Fascists, Islamists, and race baiters are just useful idiots in these schemes.. too stupid to realize they are being used.. and to greedy for the scraps they receive to propagate their agendas to ask questions..
      The average person doesn’t hate Jews… they’re just too uninformed to know who thier real enemy is.

      • That’s a strange brand of Zionism if what you are saying is true. Are you saying that there is no legitimate approach to Zionism? I mean, the Hebrew people do in fact have a legitimate historical claim to Israel and their ancestral territory millennia before anyone else.

        • charlieweird

          Believe it or not there are Christians who want to build the State of Israel.. (done) rebuild the Temple and hence usher in the end of days,,,, (yeah) they believe this will lead to a world conflict .. the coming of the antiChrist ..and the triumphant return of Jesus.. But of course to rebuild the Temple they’ll have to tear down the Dome of the Rock if Im not mistaken… Its not hard to see where the conflict will come from. Believe me most of the people I know aren’t crazy about the idea of piping in millions of Muslims to first world democracies.. luckily Im Canadian so we’ll only have to put up with 25,000 – 50,000 ,,, for now… which is Im sure,, more than the amount needed to accomplish the ends intended.

          • I would say that’s a marked improvement from when Christians believed that the Jews are our enemies, because “the Jews crucified Jesus”. “Zionist Christians” can be Zionist all they want and interpret prophecy any way they want, but the temple mount is not a Christian holy place — Christians have no say in rebuilding anything there. That’s up to Israel and so far there has been no move in that direction. Btw, Jews built the State of Israel, not Christians. But if Christians want to help Jews I think that’s great, it’s their prerogative.

            There are in fact “Messianic Jews” — nothing unusual about that, after all Jesus was a Jew! But you seem to be suggesting that Christian support for the State of Israel will lead to world conflict for the reasons you gave. Mere prophetic utterances do not lead to world conflict (i.e. “don’t kill the messenger”). But the perpetrators of the global Jihad might in fact lead to world conflict, if we don’t stop them.

          • charlieweird

            I only meant to infer that Zionist Christians believe A/B/C/D will happen before Jesus comes back and makes Earth a paradise ,, and the wicked burn in a lake of fire (none of them obviously right?) Thats why many of them are actively encouraging such things to happen.. Helping Jews is incidental probably… Personally I find the entire thing absurd.. I don’t think that ZC’s believe they have any claim to the Temple Mount… and if certain stories are to be believed, Knight Templars removed everything Christians would have wanted from the Temple (or rather hidden under it) during the Christian occupation of the city around 1000 AD during their stay there… (legend goes)
            About a World conflict, I was meaning that razing the Dome of the Rock down to the Temple Mount would certainly lead to major major conflict…(I don’t know about a World conflict but I don’t think anyone could possibly believe this will have no consequences)… But provoking Islam in such a way would put the whole faith into a “House of War” which would obligate every Muslim who follows the core tenets of Islam to participate..
            I never said the Christians built the State of Israel… I don’t know why you thought that… You seem a bit defensive but believe me… I don’t have anything against Jews especially … your on guard responses may be fitting for others.. I mean you no ill… personally I think Israel may have more influence on US politics than they should, but thats political.. and nothing else.
            Actually I think Jews could learn to take criticism better, without jumping to the antiSemitism card straight away… but whatever..

  • Penniless Leftists create anti-Israel NGOs in order to rake -in a good income from foreign donors. They sell their fellow Jews off and their country for a few bucks, soothing their rotten conscience with the thought that they are fighting for justice. They are an evil lot.

  • The social justice activists have destroyed what NGO’s are supposed to be all about — Non-Governmental. Non-Partisan. That’s what once made NGO’s a respected source of information in crisis situations or conflict zones — they had no horse in the race, apart from humanitarianism. Today they’re not NGO’s anymore — they’re “GONGO’s” — Government Organized Non-Governmental Organizations. An oxymoron. Tons of foreign Government funding indicated on that list. Even an Embassy was listed as a donor! What, are they running intel agents in Israel, using NGO’s as a front? If so, dangerous business.

    That is not to suggest that politics didn’t play a role with traditional NGO’s — especially if they were functioning in an area where a dictatorial Government was responsible for the crisis in the first place. But it was assumed that the values held by NGO’s in those situations were at least pro-freedom and pro-democracy, not pro-dictator. Israel is a free democracy, I’m not sure if activists recognize that. Donations from foreign governments should be to the Israeli Government in a case like that to bolster Israeli humanitarian programs.

    Anyway, initial thoughts for what it’s worth.

  • Hard Little Machine

    First off all their money needs to be confiscated and given to the Jewish victims of terrorism. Next, deport any non nationals in Israel and bar them from re entry for life. Third. Ciminalize the NGO’s. Fourth arrest all members who are Israeli citizens and offer them a deal – 3 years in prison or loss of citizenship. Fifth, create a blacklist of all sources of their foreign funding and tax them at 100% in Israel.