Print media: Death by coffee table

An article at Columbia Journalism Review inadvertently admits this fact while defending the opposite view.

From MercatorNet:

In “Print is the new ‘new media’” (Columbia Journalism Review, December 7, 2015), we are told that print journalism is alive and well and even coming back:

Now, 20 years into the digital revolution, print is making something of a comeback. Tablet, Politico, and The Pitchfork Review are among the successful digital publications that have ventured into print. Nautilus, Kinfolk, and California Sunday Magazine have launched in print in the last few years, and their audiences are passionate and growing.

This doesn’t sound like the whole story to me. The hard numbers tell a different tale… More.

A tale of arty death by coffee table.

Reality check: The critical question is, how well are new media assuming the critical role of the “fourth estate”? The news isn’t very good, especially where issues like censorship on behalf of government, catering to fashionable crybullies, or tolerance of fakery is concerned.

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  • But we’ll always have the CBC!

  • Justin St.Denis

    When venturing into the world of the MSM, it is a wise thing to remember that theirs is a FAKE, FAKE, FAKE, FAKE World!

  • Hard Little Machine

    A copy of the New York Times costs more than two tall regular coffees at Starbucks. So I never buy it, I just flip through it while I’m waiting.