My American friend: More on why Trump will be prez

Readers may recall my friend the political animal’s comments explaining why he thought Trump would be GOP candidate, including:

Finally, controlling immigration cannot be underestimated. I’ve said that issue was the fuel which launched his rocket when he announced. It continues to this day.

He packs tens of thousands into stadiums under all kinds of weather conditions and with long lines because he has Secret Service protection. The most pathetic establishment conventional wisdom disparages those people by saying they’ll show up for a freak show but won’t vote.

And they wonder why they’re hated?

Of course that’s Trump’s rocket fuel!

A region that cannot control its borders may be a beauty spot full of nice people. But it is not a nation state. It will likely descend into no-go zones for the police and the loss of hard-won historic rights for, say, women and minorities—whenever those rights conflict with the attitudes, values, and beliefs of the incoming tidal wave. That tidal wave gains force from the prevailing message that its culture is just as worthy of support and respect as the current one’s.  

Anyway, I wrote back to ask, then what about Hillary? Top People back her. No one cares about her lies, betrayals, and security breaches any more.

Also, what about socialist Sanders? He’s a populist like Trump. He draws crowds too.

PA wrote back last night to say he’d had a chance to think about it and:

Hillary Clinton will be the democratic nominee barring indictment for her egregious, extraordinary security lapses springing from maintaining her own unsecured private server while serving as Secretary of State.

Will she be indicted? I would be shocked given this administration’s well established dishonesty and disregard for the rule of law.

The most recent Democratic debate was Sunday evening January 17th, the evening before a federal holiday which made it a three day weekend for most Americans.

Bernie Sanders was held to have won and won decisively. If the Democratic National Committee wasn’t run by loyal Clintonites Hillary would be in even more trouble than she is now. Debates have been kept to half a dozen and scheduled at times of maximum television invisibility.

The contrast to Republican debates could hardly be starker: viewing records have been shattered, starting with the first one where approximately 24 million Americans tuned it. And yes, the numbers were large because of Donald Trump’s presence.

Clinton is a poor retail candidate, trotted out to carefully vetted audiences (always rather small) and in contrived environments. She will then disappear from view for days on end, 8, 9, 10. Then another appearance somewhere else.

Bernie Sanders, a self-professed socialist Senator from Vermont, where Canadian in exile Mark Steyn lives, has drawn very large crowds and has the virtue of appearing to believe the words he speaks before them.

He has also set a record in America for the number of small dollar donations, exceeding even the Messiah Barack Obama’s then record-setting amounts.

In any other race, this would not be nothing. But so formidable is the Clinton’s lock on the democratic establishment that these strengths will avail Sanders very little.

Yet at the same time, many Democrats are rightly leery of Hillary as a general election candidate. She’s the opposite of her sexual predator husband Bill, who was a natural.

Hillary is the definition of unnatural. Even though she ran and lost in 2008, she has not improved.

Margaret Thatcher understood, and remedied, the natural shortcomings in her speaking voice: volume, pacing, timbre.

Hillary Clinton apparently has had no such training nor undertook any efforts to improve. She is extremely difficult to listen to and, again, this is not nothing. The subconscious line of analysis is: who would want to listen to this for four years?

Hillary’s poll numbers plummet the more she is exposed to voters. Imagine you’re a campaign manager: How do you win with this being the case? You keep your candidate hidden, rely on surrogates and hope the disparate coalition stitched together by Obama won’t fray before next November.

Except it already has. POLITICO, an influential, decidedly liberal political website, had earlier this week published an article boldly stating: “How Donald Trump Defeats Hillary Clinton.” The New York Times, no less, published a detailed map of the country showing where Trump’s strength resides and it is produced below. It’s not political madness or naiveté when Trump suggests many states not usually in play for a Republican presidential candidate would be just that.

Indeed, recent polling shows Hillary losing the woman vote. Can it get any more alarming?

Add to this Donald Trump’s strength among them, as well as blacks and Hispanics, and the idea of Hillary winning the presidency as a sure bet is anything but.

I don’t recall who said this but I believe it’s an essential truth to understanding what is going on: No Obama, no Trump. After the most Left president, the most divisive, the most painfully incompetent, America is in no mood for a third term via Hillary.

I can’t tell the future any more than the next person. I do know America is on the threshold of nominating a non-politician candidate in the Republican Party.

If the race is Trump vs. Clinton, I believe the odds are better than even that we see a President Trump. While the world will be astonished, no country will be more so than America.

Reality check: The question a Canadian still naturally asks is, why could the Republican establishment not have fielded a candidate who unambiguously spoke for those Americans (of all shades, it seems) who want control over immigration in order to have some control over their national culture and destiny?

It’s assuming a lot, but might resident women and visible minorities have put political correctness and official lies aside just briefly and realized that it isn’t really in their interests to sponsor open borders?

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The Political Animal, by the way, had also asked, bemused, why is Justin Hair Model Canada’s PM?

  • Xavier

    This election is the culmination of an entire lifetime of corruption for Hillary. She already has the delegates locked in for the nomination – Sanders and the polls are meaningless. That’s why she isn’t panicking.

    When she faces Trump, or rather when Hillary and The Media face Trump, their strategy will be to discredit him with Conservatives. She doesn’t need to rally her voters, she needs to suppress the competition.

    She won’t be indicted – that’s a pipe dream. The liberals have never been this close to achieving all their agenda before and they’re not going to screw it up by obeying the law.

    I don’t know if she’ll win, but I am certain we’re about to see a level of voter fraud and corruption that has never been witnessed before.

    • Brett_McS

      I would have said that is the case a week ago, but the latest email revelations have been reported on front pages, not buried in the back somewhere. That sounds like it may be part of laying the ground for indictment. Also, it’s hard to see how Petraeus can be canned (and they are just now talking about retroactively demoting him) over a less egregious version (releasing his personal calendar to his biographer) of the exact same security crime that Hillary! is guilty of, and yet she goes scot free? The FBI would be permanently damaged if it didn’t indict.

      Check this out for a stirring response:

      • Xavier

        The FBI does not indict. The DOJ indicts, and the Attorney General is an Obama/ValJar puppet. From the perspective of the liberals, the ends justify the means: who cares of the FBI is damaged if they can get Hillary elected? All they have to do is delay the investigation, then President Hillary will kill it and suppress the evidence. She’s got experience at this.

        • Brett_McS

          Sorry, yes, recommend indictment. But why would Obama take the heat for going against that recommendation? You know they hate each other.

          • Xavier

            You have more faith in people than I do. 😉

          • Brett_McS

            I just get the impression that the FBI has a pretty strong internal culture.

          • Xavier

            The FBI isn’t perfect but they are probably the only agency that is acting in the American public’s interest.

            I would not be surprised if the FBI made no recommendation, that they simply present the evidence to the DOJ. The FBI isn’t a champion for the law or the people, they are a investigatory agency.

            I would not mind if ignoring Hillary’s crimes caused a war between the FBI and DOJ, but that isn’t going to happen. Retirement benefits are at stake here and they’re more important than principles.

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            Because once that ball gets rolling and the precedent set, the Obama administration has a lot to fear.
            They will run out the clock on all things Hillary and then scream that her prosecution is political.
            That’s the plan.

          • Xavier

            There is no heat. Delay until Jan. ’17 and the Obama administration is history. If they aren’t, Hillary’s emails are the least of our worries.

    • Both parties have screwed up the economic engine that propels this society. I do not trust either of them.

      At this point, I am a one issue voter. My own personal security.

      What is the, REAL, biggest threat? Muslims (and their murdering cult)!

      Trump is the only person with a set of balls and the willingness to address the problem. All the rest have caved into political correctness.

      If Trump is on the ballot, he has my vote. I’m willing to bet there are a lot of others who feel the same.

      I also believe, if Trump wins, he will allow the DOJ to hold accountable some of the excesses of the Obozo administration. That’s another big double bonus.

      Vote Trump.

      • Xavier

        Of course I will vote Trump if he is the nominee. But don’t misunderestimate* that vicious old witch.

        *GWB made up that word.

    • Raymond Hietapakka

      • simus1

        Everyone already knew her makeup artist was a miracle worker.
        But this is in a whole new dimension.

        • Surele Surele

          Dimension is right.

      • Xavier

        I didn’t mean to make you mad.

      • I can’t stop laughing. I hope you don’t mind. I had to save this for my democrat friends.

  • Brett_McS

    If The Donald were to win the nomination and the Presidency there are only two policy ideas that he has floated so far that I would be confident about him following through on with any real vigour:
    1. Nominating his sister, the radically pro-abortion judge, to the Supreme Court, and
    2. Expanding the ethanol mandate.

    The rest, I suspect, are strictly aimed at the rubes winning.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      All Supreme Court nominations have to be confirmed by congress.

      • Xavier

        The Uniparty Congress?

  • Leonard Jones

    Right now, I have never seen the electorate this pissed off before.
    This is not just a matter of conservatives, Trump is taking a good
    chunk of blue collar conservatives, blacks, Hispanics, moderate
    to conservative Democrats, etc.

    Hillary is going to find out what went through Custer’s mind at
    Little Big Horn, like that novelty postcard with the caption: Holy cow,
    where did all them f*&^#)g Indians come from.

    I watched the entire video of the Palin endorsement. She still
    has the folksy wit and the ability to stir a crowd. She just won the
    election for Trump. Unless the conservatives split the vote
    or sit out election again, Trump will be the next president.

  • simus1

    Mark Steyn lives in a secret lair in NH, not Vermont, as all his disciples are fully aware.

    The writer’s mistake of tagging him as a Vermonter in this item was likely caused by Mark’s casual mention in dispatches of his home’s close proximity (across the state line) to the site of Trump’s foray into the (red) green kingdom.