Multiculturalism, the Real Racism

There is a huge and entire industry — if that is the right word for a philosophy that generates nothing but problems for all the tax dollars it consumes — devoted to the absurd concept that all cultures are equal. We are all the poorer for the merchandising of this toxic mythology

h/t Marvin

  • BillyHW

    Multiculturalism is the theory that only whites should be ethnically cleansed.

  • Cat-astrophe

    Multicultural mixing at the levels TPTB are pumping them in, is genocide. And we are the target.

  • Gary

    Toronto is going broke while John Tory boasts about how it offers Services in over 100 languages.
    Toronto is a Hub for the Social Services to new comers and refugess , thus they pour in and dilute the Canadian culture and English /French working language for the Nation.
    Diversity Quota’s enforced by the Human Rights Commission means that Companies and Governments have to either fire white canadians or create fake jobs to hire people with poor English skills that aren’t expected to be productive.

    Many Government housing complexes are dominated by non-whites and yet that is still part of crying racism. How can Detroit be a majority Black city with just 10% whites and yet welfare housing and crimes are seen a racist driven .
    Sadly , Detroit had an increase of 8,000 White in the 2015 records which was the first time such a big amount happened since the 1950’s.
    When Toronto is 90% non-white , who will them blame their short coming on
    because it will look pretty pathetic for 90% of the people in Toronto to asset that they are ruled over by the 10% white population.
    We hear so many rantings by muslims that they are 1.8 billion of them and yet they blame all the problems on just 7 million jews in Israel.
    Now THAT’S pathetic.

    • reidjr

      Its worse in Ottawa there is this push by the left to make the city islamic and we have the great leader who seems to have the same dream.