IS group says two Paris attackers were Iraqis

In a 56-page spread featuring the usual jihadist diatribe, the photomontage on the second-last page of the latest issue of Dabiq, the Islamic State (IS) group’s online magazine, is easy to overlook.

Titled “Just Terror,” the visual features nine men in combat fatigues glowering against the Paris landscape above a single line proclaiming, “Let Paris be a lesson for those nations that wish to take heed…”

A day after the latest Dabiq issue was released, security experts were indeed paying heed — particularly since the group of nine men who conducted the deadly November 13, 2015, Paris attacks included two men identified as Iraqis.

Dabiq 13

  • Etobicoke_Gladiator

    It’s a good thing that every single last migrant rapefugee is a committed Jeffersonian democrat believing in pluralism and freedom! For a second, I imagined that ISIS and other Muslim terrorists might have – just might have – snuck into Europe to plan and commit more atrocities! *relieved*

  • Barrington Minge

    So what if they were Iraqis?…they are still mooslim terrorists