(Former?) Asscrat U prez says no to junior jackboots?

Unbelievable. But strange things do happen.

From Daily Caller:

Oberlin President Tells Complaining Students To Take A Hike

berlin College’s president released a statement refusing to even consider a 14-page list of demands submitted by student activists, one of the most significant shows of defiance in the past few months to a wave of intense campus activism.

The list of demands at Oberlin, released in mid-December, is one of the most extreme seen at any college in the past two months. Among other things, the list demands the firing of several school employees, creation of segregated black-only safe spaces, a school stipend for protest leaders, and the creation of a bridge program to educate released convicts at the school. The list’s authors are anonymous, but several hundred students signed a Google Doc endorsing it.

Now, over a month later, Oberlin president Marvin Krislov has responded with a harsh tone. In his response, Krislov says the tone of the demands is utterly unacceptable, even if the document raises some valid concerns. As a result, he simply refused to directly engage with any of the list’s demands.More.

Reality check: Whether or not it lasts or makes any difference depends on large part on whether the university still has any mission other than training ‘crats to supervise a post-employment society. Who knows, maybe historic Oberlin does have such a mission. We’ll see.

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