Donald Trump: Scarier to the ‘Establishment’ than Bernie Sanders

To Republicans who are livid, fearful, anxious and/or unhappy about the prospect of a Donald Trump nomination and a Donald Trump presidency, consider this.

He claims his wealth allows him to self-fund, putting him in a position to downsize and de-corporatize crony government in a way unrivaled in political history. It takes about $1 billion to run — and win — the presidency, and fundraising normally occupies much of the candidates’ time. To get that kind of money, the average candidate spends time courting and currying favor with “special interests.” This means unions, environmentalists, corporate welfare-ists and others give money and, in exchange, expect their interests to be at the very least listened to, if not carried out once in office.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Trump may end up doing the right things for immigration and national security. The horror! The horror!

  • Clink9

    Trump is pissing off all the right people. Every day and in every way.

    He could have sex with New York Mayor Bill de Blasio in the middle of Times Square at high noon and I would still vote for him if I could. Twice if I was a Democrat.

  • Brett_McS
    • Maybe Trump isn’t anti-establishment, but the establishment is anti-Trump.

      • warrenzoell

        Actually it’s Cruz the establishment hate. The RINO’s are now coming out(though slowly) in support of Trump. Don’t take my word for it research it yourself.

  • Trump is the man.

    Everyone else is a PC wimp. Or in Hillary’s case a PC wimp and a criminal.

  • Gary

    Bernie was parachuted into the race to make Hillary look sane .

  • warrenzoell

    Trump is a left wing corporate capitalist progressive. What do you mean he’s anti establishment?