Denmark announces unvaccinated alien invaders have brought diphtheria into the country after a 20-year absence

Refugees have brought the potentially fatal and highly-contagious bacterial infection diphtheria into Denmark and authorities are warning hospitals there could be an outbreak.

Two Libyan refugees were found to have the infection, the Danish State Serum Institute (SSI) said on Tuesday.

Diphtheria – spread through coughs and sneezes, or contact with someone with the infection or their belongings – has not been seen in the country since 1998.

  • Exile1981

    I read somewhete that Germany is having a lot of new TB cases.

    • London as well

      • The Butterfly


      • Exile1981

        So muslim rapeugees bring medieval diseases not just medieval values and medieval beliefs.

  • lgeubank

    I also detect an outbreak of Medieval Heathen Savage Syndrome.

  • Blacksmith

    Obuttwipe and trudope are bringing more if it hear, There is plenty coming of the southern border of the US as it is.

  • FactsWillOut

    War and pestilence.
    2 down and 2 to go!

  • Canadian

    It`s our turn, now!

  • Dave

    I’ve got a 5.56 x 45mm inoculation device that will cure what ails the vermin.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Good news. I hope they add smallpox, polio and pneumonic plague.