Cologne puts Germany’s ‘lying press’ on defensive

BERLIN — Germany’s police and politicians have faced increasing anger in the wake of the New Year’s sex attack spree in Cologne, but much of the public’s ire has been directed at a group more comfortable asking questions than answering them: the news media.

After largely ignoring the story for several days after the attacks, much of the national media appeared reluctant to explore possible links between the attacks and the recent influx of refugees. Some commentators went so far as to suggest it was unlikely asylum seekers were even involved.

  • Martin B

    Dutifully obeying Mutti Merkel, just like their predecessors obeyed Herr Hitler.

    • Alain

      No as bad as Merkel is she is not the cause, since it is exactly the same thing in Canada without Merkel. In fact even with the previous Conservative government, we saw the MSM doing exactly the same thing. At that time it was a 9 year plus war carried on by the same MSM against the Conservatives.

      • David Murrell

        I was going to say that Germany has two public TV stations that lie and cheat; Canada has one public broadcaster, and several private corporations, that do the same.

      • Physics grad

        Trudope’s Facsist party is in Canada, same as germany.

        • Gary

          He’ll be Canada’s first Pro-Rape PM that let in over 10,000 quranimal males in the guise of refugees when they are really RapeFugees .

          Better prepare the rape-crisis Centre’s and open dozens more to be ready so the Police can wisk-off the victims away from the media to keep up the charade .

          McCallum’s refugee updates has morphed from the 60,000 he promised by mid 2017 to the pre-election promise of 50,000 and then last week it was 25,000 , but this week the focus is the 10,000 brought in so far ( except that those are because of Harper not Justin) as if to mitigate the damage in Germany over the rape-gangs .
          I still think that the Vancouver Pepper-Spray allegation was a hoax to make the Liberal look good for rescuing these poor muslim refugees while those opposed are Racists Islamophobes. The Peterborough mosque vandalism is also a hoax by the Imam or was conspired by muslims from the mosque.
          Harper set-up a Fund so Faith’s could access it install security cameras and alarms to protect them ……..Why is it that many muslims don’t want security cameras around their mosques???? Because they won’t be able to vandalize it them self to call 9-1-1 to play the victim in the media.
          In 2014 right after a muslim terrorist murdered our Soldier in Ottawa as requested by ISIS , a mosque out West called the Police because many windows were smash. But the Police found out that it was the same night when the security camera system was shut off.

          Hmmmm…. what are the odds that the Imam shut it off so he could smash the windows and blame Infidels .

      • Gary

        Don’t forget that the Toronto and Calgary Police have been covering up crimes by Muslims.
        Each time I read a Police report for a crime and it’s vague or void of names for the arrests or victim…… it infers Muslims or an honour-killing .
        When an Imam alleged a mosque vandalism the Police and Politicians become Psychics to label it a hate-crime by an islamophobe while there is NO evidence or arrests for who did it.
        When 2 Somali muslims are caught on a Security video with a plot to drive up to a Calgary Bar so one can get out and fire his gun through the doorway to kill white Infidels….. Trudeau and the CBC plus the Police go silent for the Motive even when both criminals are named Muhammed .

        We are $crewed because the islamists know that the CBC and Police are on their side to help recruit Jihadists by inciting hatred for Canada s they only report one side of the story where muslims are always the victims.

        We just had 6 Canadian murdered by muslims terrorist outside of Canada and then we see Justin make a special visit to the Peterborough mosque for the alleged Fire-bombing to show sympathy for them when one of the mosque’s Imam had given in the past a sermon to muslims men that the wife can not refuse sex with you.

        That’s Justin folks, he went to that radical pro-sharia homophobic mosque in BC to defend their Right to live by sharia in canada. Then he flew to Quebec to be at a PRIDE event to tell gays he defends THEIR Right to live safely in Canada as gays.

        He’s all things to all people and will say whatever people want to hear , just pull the strings that move his mouth.

        • Raymond Hietapakka

          The Calgary Bar Shooting got hardly any attention at all…

        • Raymond Hietapakka

          • Raymond Hietapakka

            Merry Christmas to All My Pet Syrians! Remember …Vote Liberal!

        • Shebel

          Kinda makes me wonder if I am Crazy—
          Hopefully , it is everyone else.

          I don’t know what the fuck is going on anymore!

  • V10_Rob

    Shred the left’s propaganda arm. It all starts to fall apart once they can no longer control the message.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The media are learning the hard way that you can’t fool all of the people all the time.

  • Jim Horne

    A lifetime ago we’d call it “moral suasion” when the government used the press to persuade citizens of benefit of their policies. Today, it should be called immoral suasion.

    • Shebel

      more like mass ‘ illusion ‘ created by mass ‘delusion’.