Sweden’s Afghan “Rapefugees”

On New Year’s Eve, the same kind of mass sexual assaults that happened to women in Cologne — in Arabic called the “Taharrush” game — also took place in Sweden, but the police and the media have chosen to bury the information. The men, it turned out, were mainly Afghan, and claiming to be “unaccompanied refugee children.”

In reality, many of them are much older than 18, and are now commonly referred to with the recently coined name, “Rapefugees,” rather than “refugee children.”

  • Dam, when I think of all the times I went out on the open sea in a rickety leaky “panga” (small wooden boat), no lifejacket and bailing water all the way using an empty margarine container (in the Caribbean you actually can’t rent one of those things without leaks). Just to have a fun afternoon with the family.

    These are definitely “limousine refugees” — with all that fancy equipment you’d have to work pretty hard at it to drown. Although common sense might dictate that you can’t stuff 65 people into a 6×10 rubber raft — it seems that anyone born East of the Greenwich prime meridian doesn’t understand that basic law of physics.

  • Ed

    Blaming “the elites” for all this is pointless. You, Swedish voters, are completely responsible.

  • Spatchcocked

    If the Mexicans could find their way TO the USA then they can find their way back…..therefore if the “Syrians” can find their way to Europe they ………

  • Gary

    Cover-ups are the norm here too.
    Has anyone else noticed that that X-mas story in Toronto where two Black males attacked Whites with a machete near Bay & Dundas while yelling “Kill all Whites” has dropped off the Media headlines?
    If a white person was at Jane&Finch with a machete yelling “Kill all Blacks” we wouldn’t hear the end of it even after the Court trial. The CBC would do a 2Hour special on the rampant Machette attacks and racism to Blacks and muslims.

  • Kathy Prendergast

    Where is Jaws when you need him?