St. Elijah’s Monastery of Mosul, Oldest Christian monastery in Iraq is destroyed

The Isis jihadist group has completely destroyed a 1,400-year-old Christian monastery in Iraq, the oldest of its kind in the country.

Satellite images released on Wednesday by the Associated Press showed just a pile of rubble where St Elijah’s Monastery used to stand on a hill above Mosul, Isis’s stronghold in Iraq.

  • “Good” Muslims are supposed to destroy all signs of “jahiliyyah” when they conquer a location.

    “Jahiliyyah” is the period of time before Islamic law was instituted.

    Islam at work.

    • African

      True… But also thanks to the ‘regime changers’ who destroyed Arab dictators who would not have allowed this under their watch. After Iraq, Yemen, Libya, let us now hope Syria becomes a new Stalingrad for the arrogant and crazed ‘regime changers’.

      • There is always someone with an excuse for Islamic reality.

        • African

          It is an Islamic reality but for the last 70 years Arab dictators and their soldiers were standing on the way of these Islamic jihadists. If America and Nato did not destroy those dictators there is NO way those Islamic jihadists would have done this.. And now these arrogant “regime changers” are after Assad who is the only one protecting 2 million Christians in Syria and without him America/Nato who are backing ISIS would have caused the huge massacres of these Christians and other minorities in Syria. Thanks Russia for backing Assad and for protecting Christians there! Look at Canada, they are bringing in tens of thousands of muslims into Canada even after six Canadians, four of whom are from the same family were slaughtered by Islamic jihadists in Africa. Truedou went into a mosque two days ago and ‘condemned’ that attack. Unbelievable!

          • Gary

            islam was peaceful prior to 1776 ????

          • Alain


  • Hard Little Machine

    Oh well, call UNESCO I’m sure they will pass 300 new anti Israel condemnations.

  • ntt1

    Something of value tomuslims must now be destroyed . B omb the kabala ,the black vagina shaped rock Muslims worship bomb it into paper weights then promise more with each cultural attocity

    • A legitimate, plausible threat to vaporize Medina first, Mecca second would work wonders.

  • gxp01

    That Peterborough mosque should’ve burnt completely….

    • Gary

      The Pickering Mosque arson was a ruse to get sympathy from the public so they could get a saudi-funded Mega Mosque that was illegal for the zoning laws and height codes.
      Dan McTeague and Mark Holland fell for it and they blamed it on drunken christian bigots while there was NO evidence of security video to prove it.
      The Keystone Kopps fell for it too even though the Mosque custodian just happened to be there at 3:00 am to call 9-1-1 about the fire to the women entrance.
      But the City Council was so stupid and they rejected the Mega Mosque Application , so sad , poor muslims , no mosque for you.

      There was that mosque out West that was spray paint with hate , but the Imam said it happened on Friday night during prayers when everyone was inside. There was NO security video system .
      Another mosque had windows smashed right after the Jihadist murder a soldier in Ottawa , but the Police found out that someone shut off Security Video system that night even though is was always on for over 2 years.

  • Xavier

    10:1 and you know exactly what that means.

  • You can’t imagine I how much I wish death on this filth.