Muslim school fails inspection after investigators find books in its library promoting death by STONING

A Muslim school has failed an Ofsted inspection after investigators found extreme books in its library promoting stoning to death.

The watchdog’s inspectors said they discovered three texts promoting inequality of women and illegal punishment during a ‘brief visit’ to Jamiatul Ummah School in Tower Hamlets, East London.

The books found at the all-boys private secondary school – which has annual fees of £3,400 – also undermined the rule of British law, according to inspectors in a report published two weeks ago.

  • Dana Garcia

    You would think Stoning 101 would be a lab course, with a couple handouts rather than books.

  • Hard Little Machine

    If it only applies to Muslims, so what?

  • canminuteman

    What the hell did they expect. It says “Madrassa” on the sign. They teach islam. That’s what islamic law calls for.

  • politicallynaive

    They have a summer make up course…

  • Gary

    I love how the Liberal leftists are now rushing in to take credit for their Disaster they created by using the media to claim they have Uncovered what we all knew 10 years ago.
    Only a Liberal would boast about be stupid as we saw in the AdScam inquiry when 2 PM’s made it clear they were too stupid to be expected to knw what went on under them .
    McGuinty and Wynne learned well from the 2 stooges in Ottawa. Now it’s Justin turn on this Muslim rapefugee crisis and quranimals.