Muslim boy, 10, probed for ‘terrorist house’ spelling error

A 10-year-old Muslim boy who mistakenly wrote that he lived in a “terrorist house” during an English lesson at school has been investigated by police.

The pupil, who attends a primary school in Lancashire, meant to say he lived in a “terraced house”.

The boy was interviewed by Lancashire Police at his home the next day and the family laptop was examined.

Teachers have been legally obliged to report any suspected extremist behaviour to police since July.

  • Xavier

    Sounds reasonable to me. Of course, if he’d said he lived in a Conservative (conservationist) house he’d be in a foster home now.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    I’ll have “contrived news stories designed to lower vigilance against terrorism” for $200 Alex!

    • A “terraced house”? I’ve heard of “terraced gardens”, and sometimes big hotels have “terrazas”. In a house a terrace can be a synonym for a covered patio or large balcony. Did anybody check to see if the kid’s house actually had a terrace of some sort? Doesn’t indicate in the article.

      • Dana Garcia

        I would like to see whether “terraced” fits within the context of the rest of the boy’s essay, which is not presented in the news — suspicious!

        Also “terraced” seems an advanced word for a 10 year old.

        • Drunk_by_Noon

          A ten year old non-Englaih speaker?
          Oh yeah!

      • canminuteman

        In English English a terraced house is a bunch of houses stuck together in a row. We might use the word town house, but in English English a town house is something much more up market. Terraced houses would be northern English mining town, town houses would be Georgian city of Bath. Still just houses all stuck together in a row but one sells for 60,000, the other for 60,000,000

        • Thanks. I think the term here is “row housing”. Everybody from my generation knows what that means, but it denotes low-class because that’s what it is. “Terraced housing” sounds like a pc attempt to make it sound a little classier. Brings us back to the original question: was the kid living somewhere that is commonly known as a “row house” (i.e. “terraced” in some parts of England)?

  • This is lovely that Police are so diligent and following up on these things. But what’s the bigger picture? It’s turning Western democracies into Police States — for everyone! And the big picture solution is just STOP bringing in Muslim immigrants who are not likely to respect Western freedoms. Diligently screen them first — that’s right folks, ideological profiling for love (or lack thereof) of FREEDOM.

    And for those who are already here (albeit not yet citizens) do the same screening before granting citizenship or permanent residency status. If they don’t pass, deport them. And for those who are already citizens, review their documents to see if anything was falsified or untrue, or there were criminal antecedents that were not noticed the first time round. If they lied to get citizenship, or engaged in serious crime or terrorism, then rescind citizenship. Natural born citizens? Sorry, nothing you can do about that — it then becomes a “homegrown” Muslim terrorism issue.

  • H

    The UK is on the right track, don’t you think? The right track if they wish to continue their slide into a totalitarian, Islamic hellhole. Mark Steyn:

    ‘The great thing about a bureaucratic program that requires police investigation of grade-schoolers at risk of “developing extremism” is that it’s the Big Government trifecta: expensive, time-consuming, and assuredly entirely ineffectual. Whereas, say, a policy of reducing Muslim immigration to the United Kingdom is just cloud-cuckoo land. Can’t be done. Pie in the sky. Devoting police resources to investigating every ten-year-old schoolboy who says something “alternative”: that we can do.”‘

    ( )

    • Seneca III

      Likewise investing huge resources in trying to track down and prosecute whomsoever it was threw some bacon sandwiches at a Mosque, none of which exploded, beheaded nor set fire to, honour killed, genitally mutilated, claimed multiple benefits,
      serially postal voted, sexually molested girl children or had sex with a goat.

      There really is something fundamentally wrong with Plod’s priorities these days.

  • FactsWillOut

    At least he didn’t draw a picture of a gun.

    • Maggat

      Or an alarm clock.

  • DVult

    Zero tolerance. Deport him, his entire extended family and everyone who attends his mosque and their families too. Then burn down the mosque.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      Metaphorically speaking, I like where your head is at.

  • Millie_Woods

    Innocent mistake, could happen to anyone. Didn’t Obama clumsily say “my muslim faith” when he meant to say “my Christian faith “? I’m sure we’ve all done that at one time or another. Haven’t we?

    • Gary

      Obama also slipped up when he said has visited almost all the 57 States and had just 2 more to go.
      The OIC at the U.N. is a block of 57 islamic Nations.
      He once had referred to ParMedics as ParaLegals .

      But hey , Liberals have lowered the bar for Obama because he’s Black which is the new Soft-Bigotry that applies to Muslims and gays.
      Even Bill Maher won’t make fun of him as he did Bush …….Maher knows the value of useful-idiots and caters to them with his scripted monologue’s filled with predictable jokes .

  • Minicapt
    • Very good cap! You’re always on top of this stuff and seem to pull out pertinent facts like magic, then quietly disappear into the night (actually it’s an indictment that the rest of us are just too lazy to look stuff up!)

      Okay, so now the question is: Is this the kind of housing the kid lived in?

      • Minicapt

        Definitely … maybe.


    • Maggat

      Thanks, but I’d hate to think I’d have to work to post on this site.

  • Canadian

    Just a slip of the tongue. He told the truth by mistake.
    It won`t happen again.

  • k1962

    One track mind.

  • ed

    he lives with an uncle another paki that can`t speak English , the boy has also been investigated before for his views expressed in school [ed uk ]