Merkel’s Last Stand? Chancellor Running Out of Time on Refugee Issue

The most unusual tribunal in the republic meets around 25 times per year, usually on Tuesdays in the gray-panelled conference room on the third floor of the Reichstag where conservative parliamentarians often meet. At the front sits the defendant, German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Her accusers sit at the long rows of tables before her, the three or four dozen back benchers who are increasingly adopting the tone of a public prosecutor when addressing Merkel’s refugee policies.

  • Mickey Oberman

    “Merkel’s Last Stand? Chancellor Running Out Of Time On Refugee Issue”

    Germany has run out of time. Germans waited too long and did too little, too late.
    France is next up for transformation.

  • Try and hang Merkel. Get rid of her at least. Then throw out all the “refugees”.