Liberal and Conservative Media Unite Against Trump

We have never had total war against a candidate like we’re seeing with Donald Trump. All elements of national media are uniting to stop him.

Look for a fake Trump scandal to break — probably from a conservative news outlet — right before the Iowa caucus.

  • Dave

    I’m to a point now where I don’t care about Trump’s policies and/or politics, I just want him to win because of the old adage: “an enemy of my enemy is my friend”. Everyone (elitists) hate him so he must be good.
    Just sayin’

    • luna

      The new adage is the enemy of my enemy is also my enemy.

      • BillyHW

        The true adage is women voters are the enemy.

  • Brett_McS

    I doubt it. The media and Repubicans hate Cruz more.

    • BillyHW

      I’m glad the top 2 candidates are hated so much.

      • G

        “You’re a Trump supporter!”
        “YOU’RE A RACIST!”

        “Why aren’t you apologizing?”
        “You’re supposed to apologize and slink away!”
        “ok then… umm YOU’RE A HOMOPHOBE! ha! There!
        “Hey. You’re still not apologizing and leaving!”
        “Ok you leave me no choice. YOU HATE WOMEN!!!!!”

        “WTF? You’re supposed to apologize!”
        “Mom! He’s not playing fair!”

  • Jay Currie

    I suspect Trump is pretty much scandal proof. He doesn’t care and his supporters don’t either.

    The MSM, left and right wings know that, if he wins, they are finished. ‘Cause he is proving that he doesn’t need them but they need him. That fact alone is changing American politics as we watch.

    • The Left outdid itself — so many fake scandals that nobody believes them anymore. The old “boy who cried wolf” scenario. Problem is, when the “wolf” really did come nobody believed, when they should have.

      For me, I couldn’t care less. The only question, is he qualified for the job? Can he be a responsible CEO for a multi-trillion dollar corporation called the United States of America? The answer is yes — eminently qualified. In spite of all the bluster-gust.

      • G

        “is he qualified for the job? Can he be a responsible CEO for a multi-trillion dollar corporation ”

        BINGO!!! There is the important point!
        If dumb assed, spineless Canadians had enough brain cells to ask the same question, then they would have asked “Is a former part time substitute drama teacher/snowboard instructor qualified to run a large corporation?”.

    • Minicapt

      The problem is that no-one has checked out his potential scandals. No one cares because nothing has been looked at. He’s been receiving almost as much non-coverage as Obama in 2008.
      He could, however, become the Republican Jimmy Carter, especially if he went back to Sunday school.


      • Jay Currie

        Assuming there are scandals do they matter. I mean he was not running a private server to hand over secrets to enemies or taking back handers as Secretary of State. A few strategic bankruptcies and, no doubt some discrimination in his renting policies but nothing compared to defending the groper in chief.

        Plus, the Donald know the media hates him so he calls them on it. You hit him he hits back tenfold. I don’t love the guy but he is giving the establishment a full reaming and I like that a lot.

        • Minicapt

          The media doesn’t hate him or they would be checking his background. How did he get into UPenn? Why did he transfer to the New York Military Academy? Why are his first divorce files sealed? If he is such a hot-shot NYC developer, why were the Reichmann brothers bigger property managers in Manhattan? Why does he ‘adjust’ his publicly stated income? Why does he tell little fibs?


          • G

            I’m past the point of caring whether the media or blog commenters slander Trump or invent “scandals” or ask “pointed questions” (which are often little more than innuendo),

            I just don’t care. I’m not an American so I can’t vote for Trump but I CAN support him by attacking his enemies on the internet.

            So Trump’s increasing desperate enemies can stamp their feet, scream or hold their breath until they turn blue. I don’t care. It’s not working this time.

    • V10_Rob

      I’m sure they’ve been digging for a scandal, something big enough to actually damage him, for some time.

      I think if they had something real, they’d have thrown it at him already. I don’t see them having the impulse control to hold off revealing their trump card (haha) until the perfect moment; too much chance someone else might scoop them.

      They could try manufactured. Just a question of how desperate they are, and how self-deluded they are about the chances such a fraud would be exposed. Maybe they figure the MSM could keep the story spun, keep proof of their duplicity off the air. Maybe they could. They couldn’t keep Hillary’s emails silent, much as they’re still trying to downplay them.

      And even if they could find a real scandal, at this late a date I think most of his supporters would dismiss it as suspiciously-timed fabrication. That, or they’re long past caring about the minutia of Trump, and are thinking about the bigger picture of the avalanche he’s started.

  • pike bishop

    Trump is a trooper. He stood tall & proud while Ms. Palin endorsed him. I watched it (on the couch)and he was humbled by her praise of him. I’m an old Alaskan and I love her. Any one of the R guys would have gave a nut to have her endorse him.

  • Xavier

    If he wins the nomination they will kill him – and not metaphorically.

  • Brett_McS

    I’d go so far as to say that the media love Trump.

    He would be a dream candidate for their ratings, and he’s practically a Democrat anyway, so they wouldn’t mind him so much even as President, although they probably also think he is the most beatable – which is why they loved McCain … until they didn’t.

    Trump is a through and through establishment guy. He says he is himself, how he can work with everyone (important) and how all the (important) people love him etc etc. He isn’t going to rock the boat; he isn’t going to tear down the establishment. He works with these people all the time.

    If you want to know what the word “demagogue” means, just look at The Donald. He is an almost perfect example.

    • To reduce it to TV “ratings” — ratings only last as long as the campaign. Put things into perspective — “demagogue”? Not only is Trump not yet a candidate for the Presidency, he is not yet even the candidate for the Republicans. He’s never held office, he has zero political authority in the U.S. Government. The initial attacks were that he was a “right-wing racist misogynist xenophobe Islamophobe”, and when that didn’t work now he’s suddenly “a Democrat”? Ronald Reagan was also a Democrat for many years before he decided to switch to Republican. Then he decided to tear down the Berlin wall and turn the world upside down. Because reality.

      If you want to see a demagogue — the literal definition — then take a look at our Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He’s actually in power, and he would never ever alter his political beliefs to adjust to reality.

      • Clink9

        Trump and Turdo were both born into wealth, but what a difference.

        Turdo is a major ass kisser unable to determine right from wrong.

        Why, duh! Because it’s 2015 err, 2016.

  • mauser 98

    or Trump , staff could have some nefarious stuff downloaded to a computer like ex CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson