Isis praises San Bernardino shooting – but does not take credit for the attack

Islamic State heaped praise on the San Bernardino terrorist assault in its official propaganda but stopped well short of claiming credit for an attack that has intensified American outrage against the jihadi group.

In its latest English-language magazine, Isis also confirmed the death of the British national known as “Jihadi John”, called for the killing of senior Saudi Arabian clerics and continued insulting the leader of the Taliban. It also glossed over recent territorial setbacks, such as the December loss of Ramadi in Iraq.

  • ISIS did not organize the attack but it certainly disseminated the violent ideology that inspired it. Based on Mohamed’s teachings in the Koran.

  • Gary

    ISIS praise Justin for his win as PM because he promised to pull our F-18’s out of the ITO that is attacking ISIS and other militants.
    Any survivors that can escape ISIS can go on a UN list to come to Canada, for those women and little girls as sex-slaves… so sad , but Justin feels your pain and wants you to understand that it has NOTHING to do with islam and is NOT barbaric.
    Liberals support your right to be abused .

  • Edubeat

    Same as working in sales most salesmen have protected territories. ISIS works in cells same as itinerant pedlars