Hating Americans Is Official Saudi and Qatari Policy

Jihadi hate for non-Muslims is not limited to the Islamic State, which U.S. leadership dismisses as neither a real state nor representative of Islam. Rather, it’s the official position of, among others, Saudi Arabia — a very real state, birthplace of Islam, and, of course, “friend and ally” of America.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Hating Americans as state policy
    Pierre Trudeau’s “third way” again?

    • It is a very “progressive Canadian” thing to do.

      • Alain

        Yes unless the Americans are fellow travellers. Example being the swooning over puppet Obama and seeing no problem with American radical leftists funding protests and the Liberals.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Saudi Arabia and Qatar are friends, allies and financial benefactors of presidents and their cabinet officials. I would say that every living ex-president is on the Saudi payroll, with Bush the Younger receiving his due indirectly through his dad.

  • Gary

    The Saudi’s made it clear back in 1995 that they wanted to bring Sharia Law to Canada and then export it to the USA.
    The saudi’s fund CAIR , that’s why Sheema Khan went on her crusade to get Sharia law in Ontario in 2005 but had failed.
    In 2009 CAIR was found to be funding Hamas in the FBI trial for a Texas islamic charity used to get money out of the USA to terrorists .

    It odd for why the CBC has yet to call back Sheema khan and demand that she explains why she never told them that her CAIR was funding islamic terrorism while she was given air-time on the CBC for DAWAH and telling people that islam is a religion of peace.
    But then again, the CBC supports hamas and has many jew-hating parasites on staff. It wouldn’t shock em if the CBC gave money to CAIR that gave it to hamas.
    CAIR changed its name while Khan jumped ship and now pretends she had NOTHING to do with CAIR or Sharia law in Canada.