German Jewish groups fear rising anti-Semitism

Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière told the Jewish community in Frankfurt that he was more worried about home-grown Muslim extremists than any arriving among refugees.

He was countered by Salomon Korn, president of the Frankfurt Jewish community, who said that most of the new arrivals came from countries which did not enjoy an “englightened” version of Islam – unlike Turkey, where most Muslims previously living in Germany had their roots.

Korn warned that many of the refugees had grown up in environments rife with anti-Semitism and a belief in Muslims’ mission to spread their religion.

  • David Murrell

    Gee, one wonders how the increased Jew hatred is coming about. One imagines the dull-witted liberals are struggling hard to figure this one out.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      German politicians still don’t get it.

      • Physics grad

        they are nazis, of course they get it. this is a feature of their governance not a bug.

  • Hard Little Machine

    For the 50,000 or so Jews remaining in Germany, plan to leave or be left behind like those crazies in Yemen. Your choice.

    • Waffle

      Most of the “German” Jews are actually Russians. Putin is calling them back.

  • Xavier

    After the millennia of shit the Jewish people have been through, why would they live anywhere that won’t let them defend themselves?

  • I’m sick of all these Catholic Nuns and Priests whacking the Police with sticks. Germany needs to halt Catholic immigration — the Reformation never taught them a lesson. 😉

  • Gary

    Now that muslims in Canada out number Jews, Justin will do his beast to spread sharia Law and make life such a hell for jews they will leave .
    But the islamists won’t stop at the jews, Justin will find out quickly that the next group will be white wealthy brain-dead liberal puppets .