Employer tells CAIR to butt out of Muslim prayer dispute

MILWAUKEE (AP) — An American-Islamic civil liberties group is asking a Wisconsin manufacturer to back away from a policy that doesn’t allow an extra break for prayer for Muslim employees.

Ariens Co., however, said Tuesday that it can handle the matter internally and that it’s not interested in negotiating through the Council for America-Islamic Relations.


CAIR is a Muslim terrorist front organization, good to see Ariens standing up to their BS.

  • infedel

    Yes! phuque moslem brotherhood co-conspitior terrorist front organization cair….I do not care; take your sharia back to sands of the the M.E.

    • V10_Rob

      Every effort should be made to discredit and delegitimize them, by simply bringing their recorded and documented activities, statements and agendas to light.

  • Ken

    I call this the “TRUMP EFFECT”. May it spread far and wide!

    • V10_Rob

      Seems highly likely. A year ago they almost certainly would have caved immediately, in dire fear of someone making a hashtag out of them. Trump has shown the PC crowd to be paper tigers, and made it clear * how actually taking a stand will win you far more support than meekly folding to clicktavists

      * Credit to companies like Chick-fil-A for being the first to say ‘No’, and showing you could survive. Trump is showing them they can say ‘No’ and THRIVE.

      • luna

        It’s social media. Every day a new outrage. Yesterday it was that the Oscars are too white.

        • Etobicoke_Gladiator

          Racists, racists, racists everywhere! *sigh*

          Of course, that never stopped Duke Ellington or Sammy Davis, Jr., or a countless host of black talent in music or film to be recognized back in the 1940s, 50s, 60s, and beyond.

        • Clink9

          The left is eating themselves on that one.

        • dukestreet

          Which has been proven to be a statistical lie.

  • Minicapt

    Time to visit the State AG’s office concerning the filing of a complaint/charge under the RICO statutes.


  • luna

    I give them two thumbs up.

  • Gary

    CAIR was caught in 2009 funding hamas by redirecting some of their Donation to the Holy Land Foundation Charity that used their status to funnel the money to Hamas.

    I still can’t believe that Dr. Sheema Khan from CAIR got away with aiding in Maher Arar’s Extortion lawsuit against Canada for $400 million as a witness at the Inquiry while all that time since 2001 her CAIR org was supporting terrorists.

    She LIED under oath and also LIED to the CBC – as did Jian about his misogyny to assault to white non-muslim women – for over 7 years by omission that she was with an islamic org supporting hamas.

    Arar’s wife is on record being at a pro-hamas Rally in Ottawa with the NDP’s Alexa McDonough , Jack Layton was also tied to the extortion case as well as the Uof Ottawa that had a Muslim Law Prof provide witnesses for the extortion inquiry to give evidence about Torture or anecdotal claims of rampant islamophobia in canada.

    When the Arar Inquiry was to start i had contacted them to warn them about CAIR that had standing because of their ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and Saudi funding for Sunni whahabi causes in Canada.

    They did care , there was also a list of islamic orgs and Imam that had standing and yet they too were a who’s who list for islamofascists.

    CAIR tried to get Sharia Law on Ontario but it failed , Sheema Khan is also on record in her Globe OP-ed’s and CAIR’s website for defending every muslims terrorist arrested or suspected in Canada.

    Now the RCMP wants to be Sharia compliant to allow the Hiajb/Niqab for the Uniform which is Sharia law by-proxy . CAIR was also tied to several fabricated hate-crimes or staged Mosque fires to gain sympathy usually after every mass jihad slaughter.

    Arar got $10.2 million Tax-free via FRAUD to use the Court System via a massive extortion threat of $400 million and then settle for $10.2 million which buy several J Jihad training camps in BC and Northern Ontario.

    Something stinks about the Arar case , my gut feeling back then was that he chose to Rat-Out people in exchange for a clean record in Canada.

    He went along with the charade in the USA to be flown to JORDAN and then have the fake Kidnapping by Arabs that got him back to his Homeland by SUV as a draft-dodger facing a Military trial .
    Arar was in the same prison as 2 other suspected terrorist and he know them from the Boston mosque he went to when he had a 2nd home there and left his family in Ottawa. Arar also has close ties to the terrorist Mohammad Momin Khawaja back in his Ottawa mosque that is in a jew-hating Arab/muslim area that his Wife ran in as a NDP MP for the seat.
    I had read far too many little news items to not connect the dots and question this strange case to give $10.2 million for unproven torture in Syria ( his 2005 story ) when Arar told the CBC in 2003 that he was tortured in JORDAN.
    Maher Arar said he was near the Cells of those 2 other suspected al-qaeda members which meant that he earned their trust and got lots of information from them .
    Don’t forget , Omar Khadr fingered Arar as being at an Al-Qaeda training camp in Afghanistan pre-9/11 and Arar Boston home was near one of the 9/11 Airports used that day .

    The $400 million extortion must have been a ruse set-up by the Government and to have the Inquiry that was a charade to make it look good because Arar didn’t even show up at the inquiry named after him .
    In the end I heard Justice O’Connor tell the media that the Arar’s had NO ties to terrorists or terrorism in Canada. But that wasn’t the questions we wanted answer to , nobody alleged he had bomb plots for places in Canada.
    Here’s what also makes no sense . The 2 other men from a jail Cells in Syria had demanded an inquiry and wanted money , it was Arar that said he would give evidence at their Inquiry to aid in their claims .
    But once he got his $10.2 million he screwed off to BC and gave them the finger that they were on their own .

    The $10.2 million was the pay-off , I also think that CAIR wasn’t told about the charade and they wasted their time having Sheema Khan push her islamophobia in canada .

    The CRA and RCMP should have hauled in Ms.Khan and Arar
    for tax-fraud to fabricate a torture story and use a $400 Million lawsuit claims to force an Inquiry knowing the Gov would settle for a lower number to save money on a dragged out Trial the Crown could win .

    But the CRA is quiet and seems to not care that they were cheated out of the taxes on $10.2 million.
    Why , because it may have been as I suspected where Arar had to be painted as the victim to keep muslims happy that the Inquiry was valid and the over all Charade protected his status as a mole to rat on the islamists and still be safe in canada from muslims that would see him as an apostate to be killed for exposing muslims doing allah’s jihad for the caliphate.

    CAIR in canada was questioned during the Inquiry about how they coach muslims to not help the RCMP or CSIS , but Khan told the Judge that they just want muslims to know their Rights in canada.
    Hmmmm, thank you Ms.Khan …..so when I hear something about the mosque vandalisms you’ll support my Right to stay quiet and not help the Police or RCMP arrest the crimnals.
    In the USA , CAIR asks muslims to not help the FBI.

    • Millie_Woods

      CAIR’s strategy is flood-the-zone SLAP lawfare. And there’s way too much much bureaucratic and judicial decision-making going on when it comes to defending the country against terrorism.

      Thanks for all the effort you put into this Gary.

  • barryjr

    I can see a fire in the future at the Ariens plant.

    • Millie_Woods

      I’m thinking along the same lines. Better hire some armed security. Funny Barry hasn’t added his two-cents-worth yet, i.e. “The management acted stupidly” .

  • Ron MacDonald

    They started the ball rolling, now it’s time for other companies to join in and ignore CAIR.

  • marty_p

    I strongly recommend that anyone looking for lawn and garden equipment and/or a snowblower consider Ariens – they get good reviews for quality according to Consumer Reports (Obviously the Mo’s aren’t working on any critical components).

  • Fredrick. Allen.Ginsberg

    Who in their right mind would hire a Muslim in the first place? They are not exactly known for their work ethic.

    • Clausewitz

      Or intelligence. There’s a reason why Arab nations come to North America in order to get anything done when it comes to infrastructure.