Attacks on Women in Cologne Highlight Double Standard of Multiculturalism

The horrendous attacks on women in Cologne, Germany, on New Year’s Eve have exposed a deep crack in the façade of radical multiculturalism. On one side are radical feminists who argue that sexism, no matter how innocently expressed, must be vigorously repressed. On the other are the mavens of racial and ethnic identity politics who preach that Muslim refugees must be exempt from too much censure for sexual assault, lest we be guilty of “Islamophobia.”

  • luna

    Cognitive dissonance is a bitch.

  • Gary

    What the media is missing here is that Syrian men are actually sending a message that ITS the French men that are the pigs and rapists.
    These Syrian men should have held signs with ” We stand with all good people and denounce sexism everywhere” .
    Instead they tried to absolve them self as a Group of people , except that THEY are the ones that fled there homeland to leave their women and children behind which is sexist and infers they have more value than women.

    • What’s wrong with sexism? Nothing. Mother nature made the sexes different. Period. Rape is a different story. Even in nature (e.g. a deer doe and a buck during mating season or “estrus”) animals don’t rape one another. If the doe isn’t receptive then the buck isn’t going to get his rocks off. Nothing in feminist ideology is going to resolve the problem because it’s based on false premises. Muslims don’t need to be “anti-sexist” they need to be anti-rape.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Radical feminists go silent if they can’t blame Western white heterosexual males.