Will Banning Muslim Migration Ruin the Anti-ISIS Coalition?

The most common attack on proposals to end Muslim migration to the United States is that this policy would somehow interfere with the coalition to fight ISIS.

Lindsey Graham asked, “How do you go to any of these countries and build a coalition when your policy is simply because you’re a Muslim you can’t come to America?” “This policy is a policy that makes it impossible to build the coalition necessary to take out ISIS,” Jeb Bush objected.

  • Millie_Woods

    Banning muslim immigration “until we can figure out what’s going on” should be a prerequisite for western countries joining the anti-ISIS coalition.

    • Destroying ISIS will accomplish nearly nothing. Islam is nothing but “whack-a-mole” on steroids.

      Get rid of ISIS and the jihadis will scatter and reform as another jihad group or join up with some other group.

      Islamic theology is the root cause. As long as “religious” texts actively incite followers to commit violence, some small percent of the followers will commit violence. And Islamic texts clearly incite followers to commit violence.

      Without Islamic reformation, there will continue to be jihad attacks. These jihad attacks will be, “lone wolves”, small cells, or fully organized murderous thugs.

      Why is it so hard to understand? Islamic theology is the problem.

      • moraywatson

        Islamic theology is the problem, but unfortunately there will not be, and cannot be, a reformation.

        • It was constructed. It can be destroyed. You just have the courage.

          Start by getting rid of PC. And close all the mosques, arrest all the mullahs and use the RICO statutes to confiscate all Muslim assets. That will get the ball rolling.

          • moraywatson

            Destruction is not reformation.

          • Why quibble?

      • Millie_Woods

        Exactly! That’s why I’m opposed to anything but total war in this case. Several countries are backing and funding this crap. Make them hurt physically and financially, stop them from immigrating here, try anyone preaching jihad or sharia law in the west as traitors and execute the most egregious cases. And above all, deport those who appear incapable of assimilating. This is all things that are within our capability. What’s lacking is unity and political will.

  • Physics grad

    why even go to these countries?

    ban islam and then be done with them.

    then the only reason to go to muslim countries is to exterminate muslims if they continue to threaten us after we have kicked them out

    • Yeah, let them kill each other off. No skin off our back.


      Ban & bomb. Problem solved!

  • Xavier

    As always, liberals like Jeb! and Lindsey are completely wrong: 1) the “ban” is temporary, 2) it shows we’re serious, and 3) it puts the ball back in the Moslem’s court. If they’re so concerned by the ban, they should do something to show they’re on OUR side – not the jihadists.

    I’m not holding my breath on that last bit though.

    • If the ban is temporary, it is useless. Only a permanent ban of Muslims from all the West will save it from being overtaken by invaders eventually.

      • Xavier

        Agreed, but Trumps proposal – at this point – is only for a temporary ban. Perhaps he will eventually take the stand that Islam is incompatible with western civilization.

  • eMan14

    How is banning Muslim migration any different than other Muslim countries not taking in certain Muslim sects? It’s not a permanent ban, although it wouldn’t bother me much if it was.

  • mauser 98

    what coalition?
    Putin the only one they fear or respect
    Barry drops leaflets to warn of airstrikes..
    rest of us are doormats… see Cologne or Sweden

  • luna

    Without a ban we’ll be fighting them here.

  • Hard Little Machine

    No one is going to ban Muslims. It’s become another bellwether issue in America just like abortion and guns. It’s no longer meant to be addressed, it’s a stand in for how you’re supposed to ‘feel’ about 50 other things.

    • I’m afraid you’re probably right.

  • Spatchcocked

    God send the West a leader.

  • moraywatson

    Setting the wrong objective leads to the wrong conclusions about strategy. The enemy is not ISIS, the enemy is islam. Everywhere, we should be trying to marginalize islam. Everywhere, we should be trying to minimize the impact that islam has on our lives.

    • Islam should be made illegal throughout the world, starting with Western countries. It is an issue of survival. Not doing so is suicide.

      • moraywatson

        Making it “illegal” will have no impact unless there is a cultural will to marginalize islam. More laws/rules make for less freedom. So legislatively banning islam is counter productive. More laws/rules make for more totalitarian tendencies and more fertile ground for islam’s dawah. Rather than making islam “illegal” we should strive to neuter it, and we can do so by maximizing the exercise of our freedoms without regard for the obligatory offense-taking feigned by muslims in response. We should strive to create a culture where it is considered shameful to be an advocate for islam (much like it is considered shameful to be a member of the KKK ).

        • Making Islam illegal just means that Muslims, i.e. adherents to this doctrine, who do not renounce it, are outlaws, who can be imprisoned, fined or deported. It means mosques are not allowed to proliferate, and imams and CAIR members are criminals.
          This is like saying Nazism or Communism is illegal. It does not diminish the liberties of non-Nazis or non-Commies, on the contrary it buttresses those liberties. If Islam is treated as legally legitimate, it can flourish and spread unchecked. Mockery or contempt won’t stop it, only force will.

          • moraywatson

            I don’t see anything “just” about making islam illegal. The way to beat an ideology is to defeat it with a better ideology. Unfortunately, that takes EFFORT. Islam is applying effort. We are rolling over and playing dead.

          • Making Islam illegal is not unjust – it is a practical necessity. Islam, keep in mind, is not a religion only, but mainly a political ideology of world conquest and domination. As such it must be resisted by all means available, just as Nazism and Communism were. Words and ideas are not enough, action and force are necessary. Time is of the essence – there is no time for the luxury of trying to talk Muslims out of their beliefs. They must be stopped a.s.a.p. and dead if need be. Otherwise, we non-Muslims will be dead or slaves.

  • Petr

    You cannot ruin what does not exist.

  • canminuteman

    We don’t need to defeat ISIS. Who cares what ISIS does as long as they don’t do it here? Stop letting muslims in, kick muslims out and the problem is solved.

    Assume we can defeat ISIS, but we continue to let millions of muslims in. Then what? Then one day we either have suicide bombers in our streets like they do in every muslim country on the planet, or we get a democratically elected sharia party and muslim prime minister.

    Either way the end result is the same. There is only one way to achieve victory, and it isn’t even difficult.